Diabetic Living - Winter 2011 - Review

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This publication, "Diabetic Living" from Better Homes & Gardens, is without a doubt my favorite magazine. I first found "Diabetic Living" at my library and grabbed an arm full of back issues. I have one word: WOW!

The Winter 2011 issue features news, articles, recipes and even advertisements that are diabetic-friendly. In this issue you will find such articles as "I'm Big on Taking Small Steps," "Sight Savers," "Gut Check," "Worth a Shot" and "Yes, You Can Dine Out," to name a few.

I'm impressed by some of the low cal, low carb diabetic recipes in this issue including Beef & Broccoli, Almond Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Ring, Cashew Chicken, Chicken Romano, Sweet Potato Hash, and the Thai Noodle Bowl. The recipes focus on Italian, Chinese and Mexican themes and offers advice on what options to choose in such ethnic restaurants. Hey, we get thumbs up from the author of the "Yes, You Can Dine Out" article for grabbing the fortune cookie, "only 30 calories and 7 grams of carbohydrate."

This Winter issue also reviews the "Best Cereals" Who would have thought that "Honey Kix" would be among the top as "Best Puffed Cereal" with 28 g carbs (3 g fiber) per 1-1/4 cups … and 120 calories!

"Get Up and Go!" demonstrates some easy chair exercises and provides a link to more balance exercises on the magazine's website: diabeticlivingonline.com/core.

If you are not familiar with Diabetic Living, why not see if your library has it? That's how I got turned on and was so impressed that I have been subscribing without guilt. I just got a deal at $19.97 for two years, a buy one year, get one year free gift to self. I look forward to each and every issue and hope you will also.

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I just subscribed to the magazine I love the articles & stories but not the food section lol

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