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my name is cindy i just found out that i am a diabetic in feb 2011 im a type 2 i h ave my ups and down days i weighed when i first found out 280 now i am at 240 im proud of that i also have high cholesterol and high blood pressure and just found out i have sciatica, and my eyes are starting to get blurry when i read and sometimes it hurts me really bad . any way my question to u if u could help me out i was told with this condiotions i can get on medicad i live in wichita ks i am also on metformin 500 mgs twice a day and neurontin 100 mgs, tricor 48mgs lisinopril 20mgs for the diabetices and for the sciatica flexeril 100mgs, lortabs, ibuprofin 800 mgs im not sure if u can help me with that question but i thought i would ask thank u very much

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LouellaMarie 2011-11-30 04:31:05 -0600 Report

I've got to tell you, the average wait time (I believe) is two years! Thats how long it took me to get on. (Not for diabetes). I don't really know the answer for your question though. Make sure and keep all your records, they want to see lots and lots of doctors appointments etc. Also wanted to let you know that almost everyone gets a denial the first time they apply, if you do apply, don't think this is the end, keep appealing, and then you'll need to get a lawyer specializing in SSI. Maybe you could just call a lawyer like, Don Becker at Becker law offices and ask them your question. Thats about all I can say to help you. Gooood luck, Sorry your on so many meds. I hope you feel better sometime in the future. I know how you feel, I've been there! Louella