Practical VS. Idealized Medicine?

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Hey ya'll,

This is a bit of a large topic. Because of the healthy debate a lot of our other articles have had here, I figured this would be a good place to post this:

It's a new publication we've written, defining the differences between a practical versus idealized cure, and why we need to start aiming for the former.

For those who haven't seen our postings yet, the JDCA ( Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance) is working hard to get charities to change the way they allocate their donations, pushing more money into promising cure research. We believe charities must adopt a more focused mission, while defining what exactly they are allocating money towards, and how it will be useful.

Please take a look at the article, as we'd love to hear if you agree with us, or if your opinion differs as we slowly gain more ground in our mission.

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