TENS Unit for diabetic pain?

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I would like to know if any members here have used a TENS Unit for pain caused by diabetes. I could only find 2 entries for this under the "product review" section. I saw a reference to using Tens Unit in a medical encyclopedia to reduce pain in many areas of the body, in fact when I was in physical therapy for a disc problem years ago they used to hook me up to a Tens unit then pack most of my back with huge ice packs and turn it on. It did not help me then but my disc had completely blown out and only surgery and spinal fusion eliminated the pain. Also Tens Unit then cost $100-150, but now after a quick check on Amazon shows many models in the $35-50 range.
So if you have used one or know someone who does, please chime in and let me know if you found them effective or not? Thanks in advance.
By the way , my pain is in both of my lower legs. Due to constant swelling in this area the blood vessels have mostly dried up and when ever I walk or do any exercise the nerves in this area scream at me to supply more blood, but it never happens so they continue pay me back with pain. if nothing else the nerves will die off in 3-4 years and there won't be any pain just numbness. Not an attractive alternative.

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