stages of diabetes? am I getting worse??

By Lakeland Latest Reply 2011-10-23 19:12:47 -0500
Started 2011-10-23 19:12:47 -0500

I have a few issues & I'm not sure if this is a diabetes thing. I delt with pelvic pain for years, after multiple surgeries because doctors thought it was a female part problem, years later, the problem was my hip & it's now fixed. I'm stil in recovery mode for that

I keep my diabetes controlled, if I cheat my sugar can go up to 165-225 with halloween candy, but It goes down to 85.

This week I drove 8 hours on a business trip & my eyes got blurry it was a littl hard to read road signs, but I"m 43 & never needed glasses before.

With the pain I have from surgery I'm on vicodin & now my eyesight is starting to give me concern, because of the hip issue my feet are sore, tired.

I'm just not sure if this means my diabetes is getting worse. if my a1c's are normal can eye problem still develope??

Any thoughts would be appreciated

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