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I may be the only one with this problem (?) but even though I keep telling the site to "remember me" I have to keep logging in with my password every time. Will the site ever "remember"?

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kdroberts 2011-10-23 21:21:04 -0500 Report

It depends on the security settings of the browser you are using. If it is set to delete history when you exit, you will never keep logged in as the browser will delete the thing that will keep you logged in.

If you are using internet explorer try looking at the privacy section here
If you are not using internet explorer 8 then you can change the last number in the address to whatever version you are using.

RAYT721 2011-10-23 16:26:53 -0500 Report

I had that until I went to Windows 7. Now it either keeps me in or remembers my password and login so it's just a touch of the button for me. I agree… it was annoying!

RAYT721 2011-10-23 16:28:46 -0500 Report

Sometimes my cats log in as me, however. You'll know it's them if the posts seem like a "normal" person wrote them.

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