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I have had type 1 diabeties for over 35 years and am on a insulin pump. My ac1 is 6.9 the last drs. visit and my testosorne is normal. lately I have to change clothes 4 or 5 times a day. My doctor does not know why I sweat like I do. Any help?


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annesmith 2011-11-08 01:37:04 -0600 Report

That's interesting. I have problems sweating when I have a high fever, and when I have KEYTONES for a reading. I am a very brittle diabetic…I'm 41 years old. Write me back…ANNE

ZJJJ 2011-11-08 15:48:30 -0600 Report

I am also very brittle. I just sweat a lot even if it is cold outside, although I live in Florida.I am still trying to find out what the problem is. Jim

annesmith 2011-11-09 01:27:29 -0600 Report

Yes…I hope you can find out what the problem is. I told one doctor about it, and she said I don't have anywhere near female hot flashes. I have noticed some kind of correlation between my blood sugars in the evening and sweating, but since I'm so brittle, it is very very very hard for me to pinpoint my exact problem. I know that I have one pattern that stands way out: every month, exactly 12 days or so before my female monthly my sugars go WAY way way up, then, 2-6 days after my monthly, I fall WAY way way down. This of course won't help you since you are male. It almost seems to me like when I have too much iron in my system—or if it's even elevated iron—slightly high, my body tries like heck to get rid of it. I walk and run towards the evening 5 days a week, and this definitely helps with sweating—it releases more endorphines, and I have noticed a correlation between those 2…but, like I said, being brittle, it's real hard for me to pinpoint. The next time I see a doctor, I am going to bring this all up…good luck!!!——ANNE

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