Diabetes, cancer or the unknown

By Starry20 Latest Reply 2011-11-03 00:27:02 -0500
Started 2011-10-21 21:42:35 -0500

I was wondering, if you had the choice of having diabetes, cancer or some other horrible disease that kills, would u stay with diabetes or leave it behind? I've seen some people who say that diabetes helped their life for the better do if the choice bubbled up, what would you chose? Diabetes cancer or an un named disease that won't have a cure? Think long and hard about this cus I kno I do, then hit me up with an answer, after you get your answer do u appreciate having diabete more or less? I realize some have diabetes+ some but just answer please

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annesmith 2011-11-03 00:27:02 -0500 Report

I would stay with diabetes…cancer, stroke, and other diseases to me are FAR worse than diabetes. Diabetes does not and never will control me. Yes, there are periods where it makes me very sick, but it is a metabolic disorder, it is not like cancer, where the cancerous cells take over eventually. In fact, I believe that so many people will be diabetic within the next 10-30 years, that most people will see it really is no big deal. Of course, we as diabetics must seriously take care of it, but, to me it is nowhere near as bad as cancer. sincerely, ANNE

mebetty 2011-10-25 09:55:52 -0500 Report

Hi Raven. Diabetes is definitely the better disease than most. Diabetes can be controlled for the most part. It encourages you choose a healthier lifestyle. So stay away from soda, sugar, and sweets. That means for sure you will have healthier teeth, prettier skin, you will probably avoid being overweight which can bring other problems like Heart attacks, etc.

Does it mean you can NEVER have soda? or candy? or a piece of cake? No, it just means do not have it every day and only a small quantity. Instead of a whole can of soda, drink only half a can once in a big while. We can't live a perfect life, but we should be able to control that we don't abuse bad habits.

I have a piece of cake maybe once a month, or a bar of chocolate that will last me a week. I like Hershey's with almonds. Every other day I take a small piece and put the rest in the refrigerator. Of course I don't buy one every week, but maybe every 2 months I treat myself to a bar. Just remember very small quantities and only once in a while. And enjoy your life! It will only help you live healthier and better!


Starry20 2011-11-01 07:22:11 -0500 Report

I will have to try that!!! Im the same as u with sweets, i dont really have much, but i do drink pop. Takes me a bout 2 1/2 weeks to finish off a 12 pack, and thats with my bro drinking it too

Dixiemom 2011-10-24 12:47:41 -0500 Report

Raven, I have had a peripheral neuropathy for many years and am watching my self slowly deteriorate. I also have had breast cancer and am a 12 year survivor. I think, of the 3, I probably would choose diabetis as it can be managed to let you live normally. The testing and taking insulin or oral meds are justna roadblock that can be overcome.

need a break
need a break 2011-10-24 09:58:51 -0500 Report

I would not pick diabetes for a few reasons. I have had type 1 diabetes for 38 years and have seen many improvements but not enough. I have tried to keep my bs in control to stop complications which has caused many reactions. I can not even go for walks because my blood sugars drop too quickly. (I have eaten before I walk, does not help). I now have gastroporesis, and thyroid conditions etc. I just want one day to feel normal without having to worry or worry my family. Just one day!

Uncle Lew
Uncle Lew 2011-10-24 09:18:11 -0500 Report

I would choose diabetes without hesitation. Diabetes is a hideous disease but far less malevolent than others and can be beaten. It is a chronic potentially fatal disease that can be controlled, controlled by me. My fate is in my hands, which is the way life should be, and I accept the challenge. And I am enjoying the challenge.
What do you have to do to control diabetes? Take your meds if needed and live a normal life - eat a good diet in moderation, stay fit and exercise - which we should be doing anyway. Adopt a normal lifestyle and you will have a normal life. A simple answer to a chronic disease.

JDCA2025 2011-10-24 05:41:42 -0500 Report

Diabetes. No contest. I'm lucky enough to have health insurance and live in a country where it's a manageable disease. In all honesty, if you have to have a disease, you can do MUCH worse than diabetes, and I'd rather have a disease that's predominantly under my control than one that puts me at the whim of dangerous treatments and luck.

TAR Jewel
TAR Jewel 2011-10-24 05:16:02 -0500 Report

I choose to accept whatever disease or condition God permits me to have because I know and trust that his will for me is perfect and all things will work for my good even when I can't see or understand it. My sister had her battle with cervical cancer. I watched her fight earnstly in the worst pain I have ever seen a human endure and I realized that I could not have endured the way that she had. God knows what we can and can not bare so I choose not to question his plan but rather pray that he gives me the strength and courage to endure and fight my illness. By the way he healed my sister of cancer and I'm believing to be healed from Diabetes!!! (In Jesus Name)

Old-n-Grey-n-Wiser 2011-10-23 20:05:25 -0500 Report

I was born the middle child, 6 years ago, I watched my older sister lose her hard fought battle with cancer at the age of 57,then 3 fears ago, my younger brother died from compaction's of type II diabetes when he was 54, never listened to his doctor, never really fought it. That just leaves me,at 61, I have been a type II for over 10 years and fight it tooth and nail, have lost a few skirmish's along the way but most of time I control it instead of it controlling me. I want to be here with my family and definitely don't want my mother have too bury all three of her children. edit to answer the second part of your question, yes I will take being a a diabetic over cancer or an illness which would take my mind.
Take care~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

tabby9146 2011-10-23 19:10:10 -0500 Report

I would say diabetes over cancer. With cancer, it is so unknown for a lng time, whether you are going to survive or not, and then the chemo that makes you so sicki, most with diabets aren't near as sick as chemo makes a person for so long. Plus there are risks of death just from the treatments with cancer anyway. With diabetes, at least we can manage it. We made the lifestyle changes, which is hard, but there are things we can do, with cancer, it doesn't matter what you do, and you can be in remission for years, and then it can come back, so often they think they get it all, when they don't, etc.

Type1Lou 2011-10-23 13:13:38 -0500 Report

Dear Raven,
One of my best friends is married to a man with Parkinson's disease. Up until 2 years ago, he was coping very well but, then, his health started slipping. He is now in a wheel chair and falls frequently. This once brilliant man is also now mentally challenged and showing some early signs of dementia. His prognosis is not good. My friend lovingly cares for him and tries to keep a brave face but I can see how stressed out she is. It is hell on earth for both of them. I'll take my diabetes any day!

KE5ICS 2011-10-23 01:14:46 -0500 Report

I choose to live as long as GOD will allow me to with whatever i may have because he has a plan and who am i to question him so …i get whatever i get and i live with it to the full extent of what i am meant to be etc etc

Mickey/CCHT 2011-10-22 22:21:24 -0500 Report

I would keep D of course! Cancer is a horrible thing to have. I have seen it ravage so many people that it just tears your heart out. I have also witnessed (thru my job) what Hiv does to people and that isn't pretty also. With D, if you eat right, excersise and take your meds, you have a higher probability of having a good and happy life. Other diseases typically don't respond too much to diet and excersise. Some tear you up so bad you can't walk or eat.

need a break
need a break 2011-10-24 10:02:45 -0500 Report

that is all true, but d has done that to me. Even with keeping an A1C of 6.3 I have gastroporesis (so eating is not easy) and nerve damage in my foot (walking is very painful). I have made my family's life hell because they never know if they will come home and I will be on the floor. I wish I could have one day with nothing.

100 Acre Woods
100 Acre Woods 2011-10-22 16:54:30 -0500 Report

I would take Diabetes. In many people Diabetes is reversible. By that I mean, they have been able to Lose weight, get their BS under control
And they go off meds and stay off. Others have gone off, regained their weight and then had to go back on medications.

Heather44118 2011-10-22 14:42:24 -0500 Report

i would stay with my diabetes, I have seen what cancer does to the body. This I can control, I don't know if I could have as much control with another illness.

pixsidust 2011-10-22 14:23:18 -0500 Report

Yes, I would stay with Diabetes. My grandpa lived pretty well until the age of 85. I intend to do the same if I can, and perhaps pass him by.

Kirla 2011-10-21 22:49:04 -0500 Report

I guess having diabetes isn’t too bad for me. I found that cutting carbs and drinking lots of water and eating lots of low carb vegetables I can control my blood sugar pretty good. I have type 2 and found it manageable. Other diseases will kill you sooner or later but many people can learn to live a long and normal life if they learn to control blood sugar.