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Started 2011-10-21 13:59:01 -0500

do you ever feel like going up to people where there buying food groceries and telling them something is bad for them to eat?

another to high in fat or carbs or calories

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hughsbayou 2011-10-22 23:49:17 -0500 Report

No, I only talk about what I eat with people who know I'm diabetic. If I don't know them it's their problem. Listen, some of the stuff I eat is a bit pricey and if everybody starts to eat it the price will rise… just kidding, but strangers don't want to hear it. Sometimes I discuss it with people at the farm market but they are usually hip to the whole thing.

Tina1860 2011-10-22 15:42:06 -0500 Report

All the time because you want to be helpful, but you don't because you don't want to be hurtful. I think most people know that what they are buying is not good for them but as long as they don't feel the effects of it they are going to get it anyway. Eventually the effects will probably set in and they will have to make adjustments. Unfortunately in some cases it may be too late. But you can't tell them that either. The thing is there is so much information out there about healthy eating and excersize that it really is your choice to listen or ignore even knowing the concequences. The only time I say anything is when they are looking at something I do think is really good.

Mickey/CCHT 2011-10-21 17:32:44 -0500 Report

This is crazy, this just happened to me today! I never have really paid attention to what other people are buying, but since i have become more aware and reading labels and such, i do now! Was at Walmart this afternoon and a lady was buying a Hostess Cherry Pie and i wanted to say something SO bad! But it is not my place. I'm wtih Heather, if someone did that to me i prob would have a fit!!!LOL

Heather44118 2011-10-21 14:19:50 -0500 Report

yeah, but i never would. I wouldn't like someone to tell me what to buy. IF you look at my cart you would be shocked, my son is on a high calorie diet, his dietitian even put him on 2 tablespoons of ready made frosting ( I don't give it to him). So is the food bad for them? Or bad for us?

Old-n-Grey-n-Wiser 2011-10-24 14:12:58 -0500 Report

Heather, I'm not afraid of asking dumb questions because even at 61 I still have a lot to learn, why would someone be on a high calorie diet??


Heather44118 2011-10-24 20:34:09 -0500 Report

my son will be 5 next month, he is 31 lbs. he is very active and burns way more calories than he can eat. He is on a 4000 calorie diet ( like that ever gets eaten). He is a vegetarian ( he hates the taste of all meat) so it is by his choice. He eats the perfect diabetic diet, he is addicted to all raw veggies, but will not eat them cooked, with dips or any condiments, he does not even like butter on things. Thanks for asking :)

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