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Started 2011-10-19 14:05:01 -0500

I drink about 3 carb free monsters a day my friends think that is bad. What is the opinion as far as energy drinks ???

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MrsCDogg 2011-11-12 01:31:14 -0600 Report

I can't handle the so called energy drinks. Too much caffeine and other stuff that messes with me. I already can't sleep worth a flip so if I drank that stuff I"d never go to bed…lol

Mickey/CCHT 2011-10-20 16:14:58 -0500 Report

I could never do the monsters, i never like the taste. If i needed pick me up, i would do those 5 hr energy shots. They work good and never made me jittery. But i gave those up because of my stomach issuses. I miss them though! They worked good!

jimmyjames43 2011-10-19 17:34:38 -0500 Report

Well I took one good swollow of a monster,and my heart started racing,I felt sick,so I talked to my Heart doctor and he said,dont ever drink any of those kind of drinks. He said any drink that has a warning on how many you can have a day is never a good thing, I stick to my coffee and Tea

jayabee52 2011-10-19 18:36:18 -0500 Report

well they don't HAVE warning labels on coffee and tea. That doesn't mean that they shouldn't have them

jimmyjames43 2011-10-21 06:48:03 -0500 Report

Its all about caffieine,I am not supposed to drink a lot,they prefer I drink none,but just have to have my coffee In the morning. But a lot of these energy drinks are loaded with caffieine in mega quanities at one time.

jayabee52 2011-10-30 16:49:13 -0500 Report

I never got the habit of energy drinks. The worst I ever did was "Jolt" back in the 70s ot 80s, but that didn't last long. Just stuck with coffee and colas and mountain dews.

reneeramaekers 2011-10-19 18:08:14 -0500 Report

Thanks !!!!
My heart doesn't race in fact my BP was 88/53 but if a heart dr says no. I will take that advice !!!!! I like coffe but I haven't drank it since I found out I was diabetic
Thanks so much

jimmyjames43 2011-10-21 06:37:42 -0500 Report

Just monitor your blood sugars,coffee does spike mine a bit in the morning about 20 to 30 higher after i drink hot coffee,but then does regulate in a couple hours. Now diet coke does not bother me at all,kinda strange but all of our bodies react differently. My BP has never been that low,is that normal for you? just courious seems kind of low but maybe in a good way,as always talk with your doc if you have any questions or concerns

reneeramaekers 2011-10-21 07:27:54 -0500 Report

No that is low for me too I found out I was diabetic in the beginning of sept and I've drastily changed my life style I've lost 30# And I quit taking my BP meds I feel much better and it's come up to a normal range Now if I could quit smoking !!!
My blood sugar comes down every day today it was 150 and by the end of the day it will be 100

ClassicCountryGirl 2011-10-21 08:02:19 -0500 Report

I also found out recently & have lost 20#, so please Keep us posted on your success for non-smoking. Even w/my list of pros/cons against it, I can't seem to get up the nerve to quit.

reneeramaekers 2011-10-21 08:48:14 -0500 Report

I'm down to 4 a day 2 on the way to work and 2 on the way home !!!! If my boss wasn't such a terd I might be able to quit !!! Not really that is just a excuse I like it !!!

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