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Started 2011-10-19 10:49:02 -0500

I have an urgent question! Should I ge the pump?! Or should I wait? I'm not asking for a doctors perspective I just want to kno person to person, if you had the choice to make, get it or wait years more?

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KE5ICS 2011-10-23 01:09:17 -0500 Report

I vote go to the pump because I started out on the needle and I have gotten even better since then. The pump allows you so much more freedom than the needle less sticks about the same if not less on the pricks!

GaryFB 2011-10-21 07:32:03 -0500 Report

Hi. I've had a pump for a yr. Medtronic Minimed with a continuous glucose monitor. Insurance cleared it (BCBS), but I worked with my doctor and work with a certified diabetic educator RN thru a local hospital. Also exercise every morning and diet. It's been great. Had to take a class. Has a few ups and downs but for me far outweighs the other step, which is a transplant! And I'm 57.

kdroberts 2011-10-20 18:26:16 -0500 Report

Request information from each manufacturer and then request a saline trial of the one(s) you like the sound of best. I just bit the bullet and have an order in progress for one, I kind of wish I had done it already even if it would have cost a lot more.

Caliafiosgram62 2011-10-20 06:59:26 -0500 Report

I wanted to use the pump years before I was able to. My first doctor didn't believe in them. Finally after some really bad lows, my doctor relented and sent me to an endo and he agreed with me that the pump would be good for me. I still have a low occasionally, but nothing like I used to. Love my pump and I would recommend it to anyone. In fact, my nephew started using one because I was having such great luck with mine.

mama dunf
mama dunf 2011-10-20 05:57:09 -0500 Report

I am 57 years old and have been on a pump for 5 years. I kept telling myself I didn't need one. Well, I did and now I'm glad I got one. Only you will know if you should get a pump or not. Check them out. Mine is Medtronics. I don't know much about any others, but haven't had any problem with it Good luck!! Hope this helps/

Corky13 2011-10-20 02:50:57 -0500 Report

My son is 12 almost 13 and is getting on the pump in one month. We are deciding between the Omnipod or the One Touch Ping by Animas. Both seem liek great pumps. With my son it seems like the best choice. I would most certaianly get one. Dont wait, have diabetes is hard enough and anything to make your life better and easier is the way to go!

Type1Lou 2011-10-19 13:52:26 -0500 Report

Dear Raven, I started using an insulin pump on August 16 after 35+ years as a Type1 diabetic. I'm kicking myself now for having waited so long to go on one. The reason I finally decided to try it was because the MDI (multiple daily injections) of Lantus and Novolog just weren't giving me the control I needed anymore. My A1c had crept up into the 7's. I had resisted going on the pump because I didn't like the idea of being connected to something 24/7. It's really no big deal! I had been worried about sleeping with it. I've sewn pockets into my nighties to hold the pump while I sleep…not a problem! Plus, it's so much easier to give yourself the pre-meal insulin. You just take your BG, dial in the carbs and push a button. I change my infusion set and fill my pump reservoir every 3 days. (That's one prick every 3 days vs a minimum of 4 shots per day on MDI.) I have the Medtronics Minimed Revel pump and I love the bolus wizard feature which calculates your bolus amount based on the carbs you are eating, your carb to insulin ratio and what your BG is at the time. I would advise you to start on one now and not to wait. Pumping gives you more precise control and, once the settings are tailored for you, it's the closest thing to having a working pancreas. Please let me know what you decide.

Starry20 2011-10-20 13:36:33 -0500 Report

You guys helped me alot.. I've another doctors appointment in 3 months and I'll talk about it and I WILL GET ONE!! lol

GaryFB 2011-10-24 14:08:37 -0500 Report

And Raven, know also you can get covers to make it look pretty cool. It can be hidden under your clothes or on a clip on your waist like a cell phone. There's also a newer one called an "Omnipod." Google it. It's a more self-contained variety. Check with your insurance company first.

ShellyLargent 2011-10-19 13:50:46 -0500 Report

I was on a pump for many years prior to losing my insurance coverage. LOVED IT! I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It made managing my diabetes so much easier. My A1c tests were the best they have ever been while I was pumping. It took most of the guess-work out of carb counting and insulin ratios for me. It was easy to make a correction if I needed one. I liked the fact that it was more discrete when we would go out to a restaurant. I had an Animas pump. That was the company that my endo at the time recommended. I haven't had any experience with the other companies. I really liked working with Animas. They pretty much hand-held me through the entire set-up period, which will take a few weeks or so. In the end, it does come down to being a personal choice. For me, it was best thing I ever did. I'm hoping that when my new insurance kicks in next month, I can get back on a pump. Good luck with your decision!

KellyJo76 2011-10-27 12:02:45 -0500 Report

Make sure that you check the cost of supplies with each different pump… When I first got my pump, the insurance I was on covered my supplies under my prescription co pay. That was wonderful! But since then I have swiched jobs and the insurance I have now covers them under medical supplies subject to a HUGE deductible / co-insurance and I really struggle being able to afford them.