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Last Saturday I celebrated my brother’s birthday. I invited our best childhood family friend & his wife to supper to help me celebrate. They asked me how my Octoberfest party went the weekend before. I told them all went well. At my Octoberfest we celebrated the harvest with lots of veggie dishes, except for dessert. For dessert we made cheesecake brownie sundaes made with the Home Churned Baggie Ice Cream I posted in the recipe section here on Diabetic Connect. And the “beer” was of the root persuasion. Lol. In between courses we played different card games while our food digested.
Last Saturday, as the night wore on, my brother & friend, now grandpas, got a little nostalgic discussing days gone by. One thing they discussed was games we use to play. What were your favorite games you loved playing as a child? They could be board games, card games, or more physical games like Hide & Seek or Kick the Can or all three if you can’t decide like me.
As we grow many of our tastes change but we never outgrow playing games. What are your favorite games now?
My favorite games as a child were Parchesi, Crazy Eights, & Jail Break. My favorite games now are Trivial Pursuit, Skip-Bo, & Finger Football put out by Zelosport. It takes the game we played as kids with that triangular folded piece of paper to a whole new level

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I started this discusion on Monday 10/17 on a number of sites but for some reason it didn't take on this site so I'm trying again. Hope you all have fun with it.

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