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Hello everyone I’m Deedy. As a heavy (chain) smoker, I have been told to quit smoking many times by various healthcare providers. The problem is that I have no self-will and cannot afford the products that would aid in my quitting. I know that quitting will extend my life and add to the quality of life that I have left. My problems are on whether I should try to quit by using my own self-will (cold turkey) or to try to quit by using products and how to successfully carry this mission out.

Smoking affects many areas of my life: exercise, normal activities (climbing a flight of stairs), and last, but definitely not least, endurance during sexual activity. All of the above are great concerns to me, but I am most troubled by the fact that I cannot exercise long enough to make any real difference. Therefore, I just give up all together. Later, I try again—as if something will change—and end up with the same results.

I am in the process of making life-altering changes. I am treating this process as though it was a business plan. I am taking notes, researching, and creating a daily planner. The daily planner would include meals, light exercise, weight training, meditation, feeding my spirit (books, church, and bible study). I addition to my daily planner, I will visit websites such as this one that will teach me how to live.

Anyone having helpful suggestions is welcome to reply.

Have a Blessed Day!

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Anonymous 2008-10-31 12:02:12 -0500 Report

For those of you interested in trying Chantix I want you to know it works. My hubby was a very heavy smoker for over 25 years and he used Chantix. Did not have any withdrawal symptoms, he was very pleasant during his quitting time, he gradually each day went down, down down. He has been a non smoker now for 9 months. he had tried the gum and patches and nothing worked until the Chantix.

Deedy 2008-11-05 20:07:22 -0600 Report

Honey I would be careful using this product: I saw a commercial advertising that the gum may have caused some users to get diabetes. There is a class action law suite going on right now. I would check into this if I were you; we already have diabetes, this product may be DANGEROUS for us to use.

Lanore 2008-10-30 09:23:17 -0500 Report

Hi Deedy,
I was a smoker as well, started when I was 12 yrs old and smoked up to a pack a day until I was 45. I was a die hard smoker I loved it.
At that time i got sick…had to have my caroid arteries cleaned out both. I did what Frustrated did and asked God to help me quit as I knew I could not do it on my own. He can and will help you, as he did me. I have not smoked since my surgery five yrs ago this Sept. I feel for you as I know how hard it is to stop. I will be praying for you. Lanore ;-)

Deedy 2008-10-30 20:53:47 -0500 Report

The corroded arteries scare is what made me finally decide to give it my all, but I am afraid of the withdrawal, the weight gain, and to be quite honest, the risk of failure.

I do know that I MUST quit and soon. Besides all of the health benefits of quitting, I would stop receiving all of the funny looks in church for smelling like an ash tray, as I am a chain smoker.

camsgranny 2008-10-30 21:26:22 -0500 Report

I,too, am trying to quit smoking. I went to earlier and they are sending me a free pack (20 pieces) of the new nicorette gum to get me started. Check it out and get your free gum if you are really serious about quitting.

Deedy 2008-10-30 23:19:05 -0500 Report

I was unable to get any free gum, but I did download a plan to stop smoking. This should help.

Deedy 2008-11-05 20:04:00 -0600 Report

Nicorette has mailed me a coupon good for $7.oo off of a box of gum—any flavor. I have to thank you, the gum may not be free, but I am now able to buy it at a considerable discount. Thank you.

Lanore 2008-10-31 07:56:21 -0500 Report

Hi Deedy,
The weight gain is a real problem and it happened to me, I was so upset until my hubby pointed out that a little weight is better than smoking, well not sure i agree with that for I have yet to lose the weight I gained. I know I feel better and can do more now that I am not smoking, I do understand and will keep you in my prayers. Lanore :-)

Frustrated mom
Frustrated mom 2008-10-30 08:59:08 -0500 Report

Deedy, Giving up smoking is one of the hardest things to do…It is an addiction, and a bad one at that. I started smoking when I was 14, and I struggled many years to quit. Then one day when I was 30 I prayed to God to please deliver me from this habit that I could not break, but he could take away from me, and he did..I never picked up a cig again, in fact I get very sick at the smell. Give it to God and let him have it…This may sound crazy, but it did work for me…But you have got to want to give it up…I feel so much better, and my Dr. says that my lungs are clear and they look like I have never smoked a day in my life…I wish you the best,and I will pray for you…


Deedy 2008-10-30 20:48:20 -0500 Report

"But you have got to want to give it up…"

That's the problem, in theory I know that this is a filthy habit to have; most importantly, an unhealthy one. I do not want to go through any withdrawal symptoms. Not to mention the weight gain. Oh my, I can't stand to gain another ounce. I tip the scale at 267 lbs. Most of the people that I know that quit, complained of weight gains of at least 20 pounds. That's just too close the 300 for me.

I do need to let go and let God; thanks for the wonder reminder that when we can't God can.

Avera 2008-10-29 23:59:29 -0500 Report

Good Luck!
If you call your local Cancer Society, they will send lots of literature to you for free. Most of these places also offer over the phone help and encouragement.

Deedy 2008-10-30 20:41:37 -0500 Report

That is an idea that I would not have consider, but I will now. Thanks for the help.

vgarrison 2008-10-29 12:11:46 -0500 Report

I too am in the same boat. I have been diagnosed since the middle of September. I was told that I had to keep my stress levels down and to quit smoking. Any smoker knows how much of an oxy-moron that is!!! Not only have I not quit since i was diagnosed I have increased how much I smoke each day.

My only excersice right now is walking about 2 miles a day, but I take the dog and my 3 year old along, therefore I do not go at a very fast pace. I have had to walk the last 1/4 of a mile carrying the dog in under one arm and my daughter on the other hip. I think I lost about 5 lbs that day, but would rather not do that again…LOL…

If you do find a good result please post on here, for I would love some advice as well.

Good luck to us all!!!

Blessed Be

Deedy 2008-10-30 20:37:04 -0500 Report

I started a walking club this summer: the neighborhood kids would walk with me for miles and miles. I have no clue as to how many miles we actually walked, but I found that—although it was fun—it was time consuming.

I love to walk, it's so invigorating, but I let too many scheduling problems get in the way. Which is why I mentioned my daily planner. I will fit some form of exercise into my day (no matter what). For now, it's all just in the planning stage, so…

abeenken 2008-10-29 11:42:14 -0500 Report

I feel your pain because I'm in the same spot right now. I know all the benefits of quitting but I also know that this is about addiction and needs to be addressed as such. Like I have explained to all the doctors so far, Rome was not built in a day and neither was this body so give me some time to make the necessary changes.
I am looking at trying Chantix. I have done the patch and gum with little success. I will be calling Pfizer and seeing about getting some assistance to obtain the med at a reduced cost or free. My insurance will not cover it. I wish you the best and hang in there!

Deedy 2008-10-29 11:53:50 -0500 Report

You mentioned the patch and gum. I had some success with the gum, but cannot afford to buy it.

I noticed that you referred to Pfizer? How can they help with the cost of these products? Where is the web site or what is the 800 number?

If I could just quit smoking this would ease 30% of my health concerns.

abeenken 2008-10-30 19:28:44 -0500 Report

Hi Deedy,
Pfizer is the company that makes the drug Chantix. They have programs to help offset the costs or provide the med for free, with a script of course. The toll free number is 1-866-706-2400 or thier website is
We actually have a program in our state that will provide one free box of patches or gum and a support line for people trying to quit. It is helpful but like I said, I have been struggling with this for many years and I know that this will be a difficult process. I am wishing the best for you and hopefully you get a positive response from Pfizer. Let me know what you find out.

Deedy 2008-10-30 20:31:54 -0500 Report

Thank you, your information is very helpful and I will try giving them a call. Worse case scenario, I will only receive a bunch of literature, but those will help. Thanks Again.

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