Chia seeds

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Has anyone tried chia seeds? Dr. Oz recommended them for dieting.

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dubyadd 2011-10-23 20:03:53 -0500 Report

I tired chia seeds for about a year for the fiber and Omega 3's but they did not seem to do anything for me and were awful expensive, even when I bought 3-5 pounds at a time. So I switched to flax seeds, which I buy whole at about $1.20/lb, so they have a long shelf time and grind them myself in a coffee grinder, every 2 weeks or so. I mix them with a fiber drink I make with pysillium, oat bran and wheat bran. 2 TBSP each per day in 12oz of water, really cold water. I should break this down into smaller segments and have 2-4 times per day, but as Shakespeare said " to thine own self be true" and I know that getting this mixture down once a day is all I would do.

locarbarbie 2011-10-18 12:51:14 -0500 Report

I have just started to use chia seeds recently. They are pretty tasteless, high in omega-3, high fiber and you can use to thicken sauces etc, also low carb. I actually made a chia smoothie this morning that was delicious. Have not used it enough to determine any weight loss effects though. Good luck.

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