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Started 2011-10-16 07:54:44 -0500

I have a Freestyle lite, & my fingers are getting really sore. I do alternate fingers but I have no clue of where a good spot would be to test as an
alternative. As it is I hate having to poke myself at all. Any siggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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kdroberts 2011-10-16 13:18:19 -0500 Report

Arms, palms and thighs are all good sites. However, you can't use them for testing if you have low blood sugar, high blood sugar, when you want to figure out an insulin dose or if your blood sugar is changing quickly. This is because the reading you get from alternate sites can be delayed as much as 30 minutes so you could be seeing what your BG was 30 mins ago, not what it is now. The best use for it is something like before a meal since your blood sugar should be reasonably stable.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-10-16 08:54:43 -0500 Report

Okay, here is the scoop, for real. The reason that they suggest finger testing is supposedly it is the most accurate. I work in maintenance and my fingers get exposed to many things, most which are not good. So, I test on my arm, right below the elbow. Either arm. The problem with the freestyle lite is that the jabber is not powerful enough, at least on my arm, to draw blood. I called them and then sent me one of the older style jabbers and I am happy as a clam.