Diabetes and Vegetarian

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Hi I have been diabetic about 4 years and it is stil pretty new to me. Recently within the last year and a hallf I decided to become a vegeterian, Any suggestions on how I can maintain low BS, receive protein and reduce carbohydrates to get the best results.

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Gracie40 2011-10-15 11:32:48 -0500 Report

Hello Tina, I am including an URL from Mayo Clinic that offers some explanations that may help you. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/diabetes/AN0.... The article is written by an M.D. who is an endocrinologist. Your physician at home should be able to send you to a nutritionist or DME who can help you with food choices better than he or she can. All of us here have your back and can tell you what works for us. But for now, becoming a vegetarian can be a positive thing.
Have a cyber hug and a beautiful bouquet of fall colored flowers. (Put that imagination to work.) LOL Gracie

tina7 2012-05-12 16:25:33 -0500 Report

gracie I have not been here in a while but I am glad to say Ii have been exercising and experimenting with different veggie dishes my weight is coming off my Blood sugars are down and I feel much better getting control of my health has been very encouraging. Thanks for the encouragement and I hope all is well with you Tina

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