30 Days Until National Diabetes Day

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Yep, it is coming up fast. November 14th is National Diabetes Day and our goal is to make people aware. Wear blue, organize a walk, make a flyer up and pass it out. There are all kinds of simple things we can do to make people aware of diabetes. Real diabetes, not the mythical one that many of them think they know about.

Share with us what you are planning to do for November 15th.

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Liz has Type 2
Liz has Type 2 2011-10-26 16:20:47 -0500 Report

Wow, World Diabetes Day! I was diagnosed only 4 months ago and have learned so much already. I just completed the Step Out walk here in Fort Lauderdale. I am constantly reading and talking with others about it. For World Diabetes Day I am going to be educating my son's ice hockey team on nutrition and exercise. I have gotten my hands on so many great materials. Eventhough things have come so far since I was in elementary school, I think that them knowing I suffer from this disease along with 2 other parents on the team may make them think about it more and what they can do to keep their health a priority. I would love to hear some other thoughts on this!

granniesophie 2011-10-24 22:14:47 -0500 Report

Please don't shoot me, but all the stuff I have says World Diabetes Day is November 14th. Can you verify?

GabbyPA 2011-10-25 11:03:27 -0500 Report

Oh shoot me!! You are so right. It is the 14th not the 15th. I am not sure where I got that from. That's me a day late and a dollar short. LOL

Thanks for pointing that out! I guess I could have done the math.

Starry20 2011-10-23 09:43:38 -0500 Report

My school and I r doing a banner with diabetes stuff on it and people who know what diabetes is and knows what diabetes is can put the name of their lobed one on it and we'll hang it up in my gym while we have our basketball festival and other schools can then see it…

Starry20 2011-10-23 09:40:55 -0500 Report

If we get donations, what do I do with them?!!? Cus I am new to this and have no idea!!!

GabbyPA 2011-10-24 18:44:01 -0500 Report

You can donate your fund raiser money to your local hospital that offers diabetes education or you can find a local support group that could use it. I like to give my money locally so I know it is going to who is really going to use it.

You can also contact the American Diabetes Association or the Juvenile Diabetes Association to find out where you can send your raised money. It is great that your school is doing things for it. You can share your experience with it and maybe help some of your classmates.

sisterspears 2011-10-16 18:07:12 -0500 Report

Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to the community. I thank God for it. Knowledge is power and the more we know the more we can do. I would like to be a part of and help organize a walk for November 15th and pass out flyers with information about diabetes type 1 and 2. I'm glad to be a part of this community and any info I have or get I will be sure to pass it on.

GabbyPA 2011-10-17 13:59:28 -0500 Report

That is great. There are posters on the site you can print out and carry as you walk. I hope that when you are out there you will video it and share it with all of us.

GabbyPA 2011-10-16 08:43:08 -0500 Report

Here is the link to the website where you can get organized. http://www.idf.org/worlddiabetesday/

DARRELL EDGELL 2011-10-16 09:13:23 -0500 Report

well thats good, but the world needs to know and understand we NEED special kinds of foods, no all cities,states have very much to choose from. I lived in Florida for 31 years and they have many upon many kinds of sugar free stuff and drinks of all kinds. i moved to houston,tx 2 months ago and the stores here are not stocked very well at all with much sugar free stuff. here they are very limited. (WHY).

GabbyPA 2011-10-17 14:00:30 -0500 Report

That is the point of the world diabetes day. To make people aware, to help educate people with real knowledge. To get out into the community and make it known.

Mickey/CCHT 2011-10-15 23:32:38 -0500 Report

i'm going to have to think on that, i did not know we had a national day. will look around my community and c if anything is planned. Thanks Gabby

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-10-15 18:37:30 -0500 Report

Why should we fast for this day?

GabbyPA 2011-10-16 08:25:08 -0500 Report

Ummmm, I didn't mention that. It's not a religious holiday. LOL

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-10-25 12:00:38 -0500 Report

you did say, it is coming up, fast.

GabbyPA 2011-10-26 14:44:23 -0500 Report

You are too funny. I suppose I did. However, there was no comma. Amazing what a little mark on the screen can do for the meaning of a word.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-10-26 14:50:54 -0500 Report

Oh, my error. The last person to use had to white something out and I guess I didn't get it all off when I cleaned the screen.