The word shocking is not strong enough!

Johnben or JB.
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In a private letter here on the board a request from a lady named Clara stated that she would like to go "together" with me! First time ever this happened to me. I noticed the word "banned" over top of the message. When I asked Johanna if I could take some time off to see Clara, she did hit me!
Really she did, I was crippled for 5 minutes. Didn't expect to get crippled after 61 years of marriage! LOL. Anyway, it was fun to get asked. Thank you Clara, but I live with a dangerous woman.

My diabetes goes where-ever it wants to go. Have my hands full staying on top. Probably the 12 new meds I have to take on top of all the others.

I'm sure you were most eager to see about my "shocking experience!"

My pleasure!


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Cajun713 2011-10-16 04:20:40 -0500 Report

I got a letter like that from misshelen1 from somewhere in the UK, guess she don't know cajun women are very protective of their relationships… misshelen1 might end up as Alligator food! (LOL)

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