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By rellypoo Latest Reply 2011-10-16 14:43:35 -0500
Started 2011-10-14 16:46:24 -0500

I woke up thismorning with my right eye very blurry. It doesn't feel as though there is anything in it and rubbing it doesn't help, if anything it makes it worse. should I be concerned about this? I have been awake for 2hours and it has not changed,

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Sweet Tammy
Sweet Tammy 2011-10-16 14:43:35 -0500 Report

I have to keep getting stronger and stronger reading glasses, as my eyesight is about shot-out! I used to have 20/20 vision when in high school, but not now. Can't remember when I had my last eye exam-I'm probably going blind-and have no money to find out!

Uncle Lew
Uncle Lew 2011-10-15 22:10:18 -0500 Report

I was hospitalized for congestive heart failure. One morning when I woke up in the hospital I could not read even though I had my glasses on. The endrcrinologist on my case said as soon as they lower and stablize my blood glucose level my vision would clear up. And it did.
You need to determine if your numbers were higher than normal when the problem started. Bring down your numbers could clear up your eye.

Heather44118 2011-10-14 18:26:23 -0500 Report

you dont say how your levels are, high sugar can cause blurry vision. I would do like Jim said and rince it. let us know. good luck

rellypoo 2011-10-14 17:03:21 -0500 Report

What do I do if the blurryness is still there after an hour or two, I live 2 hours away from a hospital, not that they could do anything anyway. It is Saturday here and the doc surgery is closed.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-10-14 17:09:38 -0500 Report

Come on over here. I will pick you up at BWI and do the surgery there.
Oh, that is right, you were not willing to be my first patient.
I would continue with the washing. Distilled water is the best to use if you have it available. The idea is to wash without any rubbing. If you can hold your eyelid open while someone pours water into it, that works real well. The trick is that you need to look left or right, and not at the water coming at you. A garden hose would work also, depending on the quality of your water. If it is not potable (drinkable) then you don't want it in your eye. Saline solutions available at drug stores and food stores here would also be a good wash.

rellypoo 2011-10-14 17:14:58 -0500 Report

I am on my way Jim, I might consider you as my surgeon I will decide on the way LOL

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-10-14 17:23:12 -0500 Report

If you want the speedy method, let me know. I bring my shop vac and just suck the offending eyeball out, and there is no longer a problem! Hugs and love to you. Jim

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-10-14 16:56:45 -0500 Report

I would be, just because it involves the eyes. In the meantime, I would take warm (not hot) water and put it in a shot glass, put it on the eye and tilt my head back, then, open and close your eye. Repeat it about every 15 minutes 3-5 times. This will ensure that there is nothing foreign in there. DO NOT RUB, you can damage the delicate parts of the eye.