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call it pre-diabetic. It just means you are nearing the blood sugar count that justifies the official diagnosis. For me and most, it was brought on by weight gain, slowly and over the years even before my apnea diagnosis.

Apnea does not cause diabetes - usually, it's the weight gain. The tie in is that untreated apnea causes weight gain. Take the pre-diabetic seriously and try losing weight by diet and exercise. I recommend you follow the diet of a diabetic which your doctor can provide for you.

I did not take the "borderline" hint seriously and therefore did nothing about it. I eventually became a full blown diabetic and went on meds. Had a hard time controlling with meds as many different doses and kinds were tried. During this time I developed permanent nerve damage in both feet. Finally, facing insulin, I had gastric bypass and the ultimate massive weight loss resolved the diabetes…but I am left with 2 numb, tingling painful feet from toes to ankle bones. I still consider myself a diabetic, but in remission.

the scary thing about diabetes is that you typically do not "feel" bad, or any different…some people might notice they are thirsty or sweaty, but blow it off as something else. diabetes symptoms are often silent.

Have your healthcare providers encouraged you to begin following a diabetic diet and exercise regime?

best wishes~ to all

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