Diabetic Shoes

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My Dr. told me it was a good idea to look into diabetic footwear. I did but a) they are expensive and b) very ugly. Is there a huge difference in wearing them as opposed to wearing comfortable shoes? I have never had foot problems.

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spiritwalker 2011-10-12 19:23:51 -0500 Report

You might want to check with local stores in your area for diabetic friendly shoes
such as DREWS and others. The web site www.footsmart.com carries some shoes,
socks and other items for diabetics. If you go to the site they can give you some ideas. I have worn diabetic shoes for years and find them very comfortable.

Old-n-Grey-n-Wiser 2011-10-12 16:04:19 -0500 Report

Think preventative maintenance, if you take care of your feet now there is a lot less of a chance that you will have problems later. Old-n-Grey

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