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What fruits are bad for us. I crave bananas but was told that they are full of sugar is this true? If so what fruits can I eat. I dont like apples, but I do love all the stone fruit. I was also told that watermellon is not good for diabetics too so I am confused on what fruits I can and can't eat can anyone help me out please?

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berrykins0 2011-10-15 14:52:43 -0500 Report

berries like strawberries rasberries blue berries black berries high in fiber slower digesting cause of fiber not as likey to raise blood sugars i love bananas to. dont have problems with them

tabby9146 2011-10-14 19:26:33 -0500 Report

clementines taste and look like oranges, very small, easy to peel, no seeds, we love them. I think we can have most fruits, just small amounts, and always good to eat something else with them that has some fat and fiber, so the blood sugars don't go up real fast or too high. I was told in class we could have most of them, I have a sheet of paper somewhere, with the amounts for every kind.

tabby9146 2011-10-14 19:27:57 -0500 Report

oh any kind of berries is best, and I have heard fresh peaches are lower in sugar. I do know bananas are high in sugar, and they do spike me, so I won't ever eat whole banana, I will sometimes have a few slices on high fiber cereal.

chopi 2011-10-12 16:10:17 -0500 Report

I seem to do fine when I have a peach or a plum and even grapes. Those are the only fruites I eat on a usual basis.
I have noticed I realy need to watch my carbs more than my sugars.

jayabee52 2011-10-12 03:20:23 -0500 Report

Howdy Narelle
Bananas are not good for you if you want a low carb fruit. In general, berries are lower in carbs. Really though Narelle, you should let your meter make the decision for you, as you already know we all metabolize the same substances with different results, so what works for me will not work for you. If you want what I do to determine what a fruit or other substance does for me, all you need to is ask. I'd be happy to share it with you, but if you already know how, then I won't need to clutter your discussion with what you already know.



berrykins0 2011-10-15 14:54:44 -0500 Report

all berries are great source of fibers best part of them there all my favorites banana are a other favorite of mine.

rellypoo 2011-10-12 03:45:44 -0500 Report

I would like you to share it with me James

jayabee52 2011-10-12 07:41:14 -0500 Report

Why Yes Narelle here is what I do

What I do is to take a BG reading before I test a food. That is my baseline reading. I determine what a "serving" of a particular food is using either ( or nutrition ( or ( ) eat a recommended portion of that food. Then 2 hrs lafter my first bite I take a "postpramdial" reading. That will tell me how much that particular portion of food has raised my BG levels over my baseline readings. If it raises my BG less than 50 pts, I may eat that portion without much trouble. If it raises my BG over 50 then I need decide whether it is too much over 50 or not and I may want to retest it with a lower portion size. If it is closer to a 100 pts raise then I usually decide to avoid that food altogether.

I then put a page in my 3 ring binder with that food on it, and record the baseline, the portion conumed and the postprandial results, and my decisions made, whether to retest with a lower portion, and then results of that test, or if I decided to avoid that food altogether.

I do that so I remember what I've tested and what my decisions were, so I don't have to test again needlessly.

That way I have a book of what works for ME and my metabllism specifically.

I pray this was helpful to you.


Mickey/CCHT 2011-10-13 21:49:54 -0500 Report

Thank you for posting this info! Beiing new all these hints are wonderful! I was going to start a journal, but i like the idea of a binder cuz you can have different sections easily attainable. Awesome :) Any other ideas you want to share i'm all ears! Also a new lady by the name bulldawg was looking for helpful hints, if you haven't hit her up yet, i bet she would appreciate it like i do! thanks again. God Bless You.

Type1Lou 2011-10-11 18:57:35 -0500 Report

This too is a tricky one to answer because it may totally vary by individual. Fruit is a source of simple sugars/carbohydrate. Usually, the lower carb fruit, like fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries will be OK for me along with cantaloupe…but I steer away from oranges, grapes, mangoes and pineapple. I love watermelon but I have to watch how much of it I can eat. I have re-introduced apples into my diet, frequently eating one apple, sliced and spread with all natural peanut butter as my lunch. Depending on the size of the apple, it is usually between 35 and 40 carbs with the PB. By zeroing in on the carb content of different fruit, you may find some that work for you.

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