It Is O.K. To Say; I Am Having A Bad Day

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Started 2008-10-28 23:17:02 -0500

I have to say this; I know that I have read that the majority of you say that it makes you feel good to visit this site, But, it is alright to say if you are having a good or Bad day, or do not feel quite right, and discuss it. I see a lot of Positive energy, and that is good; But, what about the physical. You can talk about that, too. And the emotional, but cause that is a serious problem; depression and mood swings, so say it, we can all relate to bad feelings,too

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GabbyPA 2008-10-29 02:37:10 -0500 Report

We don't have to say we are having a bad day...we can usually tell by our responses. LOL!

Yes, that is true, we are real pepole with real issues and sunshine and lollipops are not always on the agenda. I share my rollercoaster ride a lot, and you can tell when I am feeling down in my posts. I really work hard not to stay there though, and usually once I kind of get it off my chest, I try to move on as quickly as I can. That is never a happy place to be...besides, I have a Pollyanna nick name to live up to. LOL