laster assisted liposuction ?

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Hi everyone, I'm a 43 years old, 125 kg., with type 2 diabetes since more than 12 years , one day I made a strict diet control and I lost more than 25 kgs. by then I gave up my diabetes and hypertension medication and all my chemistry went back to normal levels, but unfortunately, I gained weight again and I'm back to my DM pills and hypertension medications as well, some friends of mine adviced me for gastric surgery (baloon, gastric bypass) but I prefere laser assisted liposuction being less hazardous with local anesthesia, and experience about this issue and its impact on my diabetes ???

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Gracie40 2011-10-12 16:40:02 -0500 Report

Hi there! Sounds like good advice from jayabee52. I doubt that liposuction could take off enough adipose tissue to make a significant difference in your diabetes.
There are risks with liposuction, too, nothing less than throwing a blood clot and developing a pulmonary embolism. Many of us, me included would like to take an easy way out. A pill, a surgery, some procedure to make the "D" go away. Frankly, the only way to get rid of the "D" is the other D. Meaning diet. Not A diet, but your diet or my diet. Diet meaning foods that you or I choose. Heavily increase your Low carb vegetable intake. Have a nice salad with lunch and dinner. They help fill you up. And of course, use a light dressing. Sounds like you were successful before. You can be again. Sometimes our biggest stumbling block is our self talk. Sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot with our self talk. Such as "it's too hard" "I'll miss my favorite snack" and on and on. We have to choose life. Eat to live. Let's give ourselves some positive talk, some reasons to marvel at the world around us. To meet life head on take the challenges we are facing. Good Luck and serious best wishes! Gracie

jayabee52 2011-10-12 05:49:01 -0500 Report

Howdy Pain_eraser WELCOME to DC!

I have no direct personal experience with liposuction, laser assisted or not. I do have many years of experience of being a Person With Diabetes (PWD), I would expect that that kind of stress put on your body would probably drive your BG levels up.

You have had success in the past with your former eating plan. I would urge you to return to what worked in the past. I have brought down my BG levels to normal range without the use of diabetes meds simply by what I ate (or rather, what I didn't eat) I experemented with a low carb high protein meal plan. I started in Feb 2011, my May A1c was 5.5, and I lost 50 lbs (even though I gave no thought to weight loss).

I would encourage you to go back to what worked for you before. I would encourage you to avoid surgery of any kind if at all possible.

Because each PWD is different the experience of one PWD may not be useful in determining the outcome for you.

I pray this helps

Blessings to you and yours


pain_eraser 2011-10-12 07:18:48 -0500 Report

Thanks James for the advice, I'll try to follow although the stress I catch during my work can hardly give me anytime to think about what kind of food I'm eating , you know most of the time in the operating theatre under stress, so whenever there is a break, whatever, comes to my hand I usually eat it rapidly, also I have a very bad eating habbits one of which is eating by the end of the day immediately after which I go to bed… I have a very bad life style that has to be changed.. Thanks again for your help…

Best Regards
M. Sidky…

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