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I went to the hospital to ask question and to get some help along with my check up, and again they couldn't fine nothing wrong, db 104, I told them about the shortness of breath, feeling like I was going to pass out, I told them about the sharp pain I get in my fingers hand legs and feet.

I was reading another post, about food deception with the food lable, you know the story it's on here, by the way it is great story to teach us to read the lable of the food we buy and to be careful because some lable can fool anyone not just a person who has diabetes.

I discover that I have created a problem, I told my doctor how I use to way 236 pounds and now I way 170 pounds I think the problem started in march when I got sick from eating Romen noodles, I told the doctor how I love Romen noodles, the day I got sick started my fear of food, I go in the super market in horror, bread and cookies snacks, ice cream section everything I want to eat, crazy thing is I want it, but I know that it's suicide, I find myself putting food back, because what I read on the lable.

I eat in portion now, because of the fear of food and getting sick, I eat three times a day and having a snack like yogurt, even so that I lost a lot of weight and it help me keep my diabetes down, my mg/dl be 87 95 104 it been a few days where I mess up and found my sugar very low at 62 and under I told my doctor I wake up on time, but not at the right time, usually wake up at 8 am to eat break fast and I miss and this time wake up at 9am and got the shakes, my heart was beating fast, quickly eat two spoon of yogurt, sat down, and relax in my chair.

The psychological problem that the other doctors was trying to tell me I had didn't even match up, because they where ER doctors, trying to be psychologist, to me they where guessing my problem because they couldn't find nothing wrong with me. I'm not crazy, I'm scared, I'm hurting, I'm sacred that one day I will not be to take a breath, from having shortness of breath, tied that in a long with fast hart beat, and pain in your feet and legs and fingers and fear of food.

I realize after going to another hospital which I think they can help me ( montefior hospital ) I did some research about this hospital that they are good with people with diabetes, maybe the can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Well thanks for reading my story, I only hope to bring hope not fear.

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granniesophie 2011-10-09 13:33:43 -0500 Report

I understand scared, we all have those times. No, you are not crazy. You might benefit, though, from seeing a counselor and talking over your feelings. That could put you at ease.
Maybe you are not having heart problems at all, but panic attacks instead, which act like heart attacks. Been there, done that-not fun! Maybe you might mention that to your doctors. They can help with that too.
Meantime, just realize you are not alone, we are here and your family is here, and you will be okay.
Sonya :)

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