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i was diagnose 3 months or so i started walking diet changes and metformin 800 2x a day i spent two months in a haze from false lows things started clearing up and bg numbers came down quite a bit then as the weather is starting to get cold and i live on a back road and walk late at night i set up my old weight bench figuring i would shift to that as weather required well fall in binghamton is wet so i started lifting suddenly i started getting symptoms of bg dropping fast so i checked it out and i was at 106 2 hours after breakfast my morning bg which had been running 130-140 even 160 if allergies were up now are between 102 and 118 and 2 hours after eating it is 105 by 4 hourd it is 80-90 and i need to eat. only thing ive changed is the weight work-i'm thinking my previous work outs and work with physical labor were probably holding the d off for some time hoping it continues just gonna be hard to go through that re adjustment thing again

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