Diet and Exercise Oct. 2011

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I was just getting back on after being off for some time. I noticed that noone kept this one up so am going to get it going again. I have been sick and trying to help family in the past few Months. Well I learned a very good Lesson while doing that.
We have to take care of our selves before we can help others very well.
My BG numbers are coming down with the Victoza once a day shot. My weight is also coming down but if I don't keep walking even when sick some of the weight comes back on. I went from 258 back in Dec. 2010 to 216 on Sept. 4,2011 and upto 221.8 as of Sept 30th will get back to my walking more reg. and not stop even if sick. With the C-Pap machine my nose is running really bad and it hurts at the bottom when I roll over onto my sides so need to learn to sleep on my back again. Starting tomorrow I will be posting all numbers again with Meals as well I am also going to be posting other information that I find out so that we all can try to get on track and stay there into the New Year. I have a couple of books on Diabetic Tips and will be posting them again also for all of us. Please every one feel free to jump in with your 2 cents worth to help me get back on track and if you see something that has worked for me but not you let us all know that too.
Can't wait to get back in the thick of things on here again. See ya all tomorrow and every day from now on again.
Your Friend Always;
Edie M.

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kaybee334 2011-10-20 09:07:58 -0500 Report

There are dentists who specialize in treating snoring with a procedure to firm up the back of the throat. As you lose weight it will help with that also.

Edie 2012-01-03 12:34:51 -0600 Report

I have sleep apnea and am now on a Machine that helps me to sleep and no snoreing at this time. I am going to be starting my discussion again here so get ready for Diet and Exercise in 2012. If you don't want to see it any more or don't want to join us I will understand but I am going back to the old ways as it was helping me.