Low BS and carbs.

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I have been having a lot of trouble getting enough carbs. We are away from the house so much during the day that I don't get to eat on time. Even in the evening, before my oral meds and Lantus, when I think I have eaten enough carbs, I sometimes, like this morning woke up at 4:45 am with bad headache and weakness. MY BS was 46. Ate some white sugar and 15 min later was still only 48. My husband had me make some sugar water and that seemed to work and I made some orange juice. Am worried maybe I don't need insulin but before I started taking it BS was always over 250. I do see doc on Tues. so I will bring it up with her. Is there a way to regulate your carbs when you are away from home?

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Heather44118 2011-10-08 13:16:25 -0500 Report

hi I have the same problem. I now keep a granola bar in my purse. I have to eat 6 times a day 30-40 grams of carb at a time. get glucose tabs for beside your bed. see what your a1c level is. your doctor might be able to lower your insulin. good luck. and like my family tells me. eat, eat and eat. I hate it and seems like i never have time I also bought glucerna shakes for when I am on the go. they seem to help.