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I have tried to research and even asked the Doctor how many carbs should I consume in a day and still stay on a diet to loose weight. Do any of you know? I sure hope so I want to keep my BS as even as possible. To live a healthy diabetic life we all know we must maintain a good weight. Thanks in advance… Valentine Lady

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Armourer 2011-10-11 23:10:28 -0500 Report

Diabetes is different with each person. What works for me may not work for you. I'm told to eat carbs of each meal between 40-60 grams. For me this is way to much! The less carbs I eat the better control of my BS. For two years I eat between 500-1000 calories a day, and I've gained 20 pounds. 60 pounds in the last five years because of using insulin, yet I've met those with diabetes who have lost a lot of weight. Exercise, control your portions, control your carbs and eat complex carbs. Good luck!

Copperchef 2011-10-11 10:30:46 -0500 Report

I am a label reader. I balance carbs with protien and caloric intake. I try to avoid as much processed food as possible. Opting instead for more quick and easy homemade foods. Your BS will fluctuate, so your going to have to get used to that. It has taken me 2 years of diet and exercise to keep my blood sugars in a range of 87-115.
I am not an exercise fanatic, just twice a week for 20 minutes each time. I am not a food nazi either, I know that I am limited to the amount of carbs I can take in, but I also know that I can eat foods I like, just not a lot of them.
Be prepared for a close relationship with your glucometer. I test once a day each day, but at different times of the day. I have found that it is much better to get an overall picture for me. But we are all individuals. I used to test 3 times a day and even sometimes 4. My Endo said it was not necessary and also, I had a greater chance of infection through multiple sticks a day.
Work out what you are comfortable with, what makes you the most happy and what gives you the most control. My endo also said that it is not worth worrying over one day of high numbers but to look at the bigger picture. I used to graph my numbers through an Excel spread sheet. (was just a little anal back then), but no more. They are what they are as long as they are not to high, I feel good and I am staying fit and losing weight. It is all a big life long process, so sit down, buckle up and be prepared to learn a whole lot about yourself.

valentine lady
valentine lady 2011-10-11 10:40:32 -0500 Report

Copperchef: thank you so much for you informative and insightful message to me. Your right, this is a life long gig and I'll just have to settle down, sit down and buckel up. But I never thought of the infection one could get from pooking your finger often. Thanks for that tip…

Tina1860 2011-10-09 21:58:13 -0500 Report

The diabetic nutritionist I went to put me on a 1500 calorie a day diet to lose weight. This was based on my weight, height and age. For a normal healthy diet I can have between 120 to 170 carbs a day. Because I try really hard to eat carbs that have fiber in them like whole grains I can go as high as 170 but I keep track of how many calories I eat per day. Some people can't tolerate that many carbs as a diabetic but you won't know until you test yourself before and after each meal and find out what works for you. I use a website called Calorie King to help me with my calorit intake. You can use their calorie counter for free. They do offer a diary option that is $55 a year. I do because it helps keep me in better control of what I eat in a day and I can also plan my meals ahead for the day so I don't eat to many calories and it also monitors the carbs, fiber, protien, sugar, salt etc… You can also create your own meals, as well. Read your labels and read them carefully. I always try to get as much for my calories as I possibly can. I've lost 20 pounds since I started my diet 4 months ago. Good luck.

RAYT721 2011-10-07 20:40:28 -0500 Report

There is no magical formula that relates carbs to weight loss.

Your weight (gain, loss or maintaining) is more the result of calories than carbs, fat and/or protein because each component has calories. You are not going to lose weight by limiting your carbs if you're only adding calories with fat or protein calories exceeding what your body needs to maintain your weight. Carbs are a focus for diabetics because carbs (sugar/starch) affects the blood sugars (glucose) more than fat or protein. NOTE: The net carbs are reduced by contents of fiber and sugar alcohols. Our bodies still need carbs for energy.

So with that said it is more important from a weight loss standpoint to look at the calories that you are consuming when thinking about losing weight. It is important to burn as many calories as you can which is where weight loss occurs. If you are eating a low carb diet you may be able to control your glucose better than on a high-carb diet but if you're eating 2,500 calories a day you are probably not going to lose an ounce.

Take a look at the whole picture of your diet and understand that carbs are only one piece of the puzzle. It is for the reasons mentioned in this reply that your doctor cannot answer how many carbs are good or bad for your dieting efforts.

Harlen 2011-10-07 15:29:00 -0500 Report

We are each difrent and have difrent needs
How menny are you eating now ???
If your not dropping any lbs then cut back a little and then see how that works
for you .
Hope this helps
Best wishes

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