2 in the house diagnosed in one week

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On Sunday I rushed my husband to the ER he was acting funny, dizzy, fuzzy eyes, and very dry mouth. As a pre-diabetic for 15 years I tested his BS. 484 , 2 hours after eating. He got labs and this A1C is 11. I was shocked. He is on metformin 2 x's a day. To get him to the hospital I had to promise to get my A1C level checked. Found out friday mine that had been in 6's for 15 years is now an 8. Now the whole family eats better. My doctor told me about this site. I love it. I get great info. Thank you all :) Heather

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pixsidust 2011-10-05 20:48:41 -0500 Report

Welcome Heather
What a God send you both are on a better path
You can support and plan together
There are good people here, and I have been blessed myself
Ask questions, voice your feelings, get a recipe, share a recipe
and reach out to others.
You will feel better in that alone…

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