Neuropathy and the chills

Bonnie K.
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I have been experiencing severe cold in the back of my arms and feet and legs. My skin is warm but I swear they were in the freezer they feel so cold to me inside. What is up with that. I went out today and bought pajama bottoms for warmth. My skin usually feels warmer to the touch tha most people, I run like a low grade fever do to the fibromyalgia. I cannot take any kind of draft on my arms or legs, it is like someone stabbing you with a knife, I mean it, so I wrap in heavy blankets to generate my heat when I feel chilled. I have done this for 40 years. This is why I jump in the hot shower to heal my pain, but now that I have neuropathy I have to be so careful since I cannot feel the hot water it feels cold to me. I turn the dial at hot as I can. The only way I know it is to hot sometimes is when I start to feel like throwing up. It scares me. Does anyone else have this problem

Bonnie K.

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Old-n-Grey-n-Wiser 2011-10-14 10:07:51 -0500 Report

I would look into having a temperature control that will having the shower to be set in only in a safe range, like used for children before you end end up scalding yourself!!!!

kaiya2465 2011-10-13 11:36:15 -0500 Report

I don't know if there is a difference in Neuropathy & Perefrial Neuropathy not sure of spelling, but for the last week I have been chilled & I run around in flannel pj's, I also have fibro, it is very frustrating around here because the doctors don't like to explain things…so here I am learning the only way I can. Any info would be helpful. At least I know I'm not alone.

Bonnie K.
Bonnie K. 2012-01-19 21:22:34 -0600 Report

Kalya 2465

I have had fibromyalsi for many years and I have dealt with alot of pain , pretty much because of the fibro but now that I am in my 60"s I am getting worse problems and sometimes forget it may be the fibro causing it. I have diabetic neuropathy also as well as osteoarthritic so needless to say I am a chronic pain sufferer. On the days you feel good al of a sudden you get a pain maybe in the neck and just say to yourself ouch I must have twisted my neck somehow so you run to the doctor only for them to tell you they can't find anything so it is a strain that will go away but it doesn't go away and if it does it is temporary and returns with a vengence so your back to the doctor and this goes on until you figure it out that it is the fibromyalsia, trust me it doesn't get better but stress makes it all worse so stay at peace with yourself and you will get thru it all. I have had fibro for over 40 years. Diabetic neuropathy for maybe 4 years. The one nice thing about fibromyalsia is your body runs a low grade fever that is why your hands and a few other places are always warmer than most people and a draft will hurt you quicker than most. I own many blankets to keep warm it helps me heal when the pain is bad. I have fleece blankets as well as others but the micro fleece are more comfortable to my skin, the best thing for you is get fleece sheets, when you get in bed they are warm right away because the regular sheets are too cold and can cause the pain to start. If I can help with anything just ask , hope it helped a bit. Bonnie K

jayabee52 2011-10-14 01:02:22 -0500 Report

Are you aware of a sister site to diabetic connect which is focused on Fibromyalgia. I am on that too. Go to top right of this page and mouse over "visit another community " and select one out of the menu which fits your needs. sign up using the same info you use to log in to DC.

Bonnie (below) gives some good info.

The difference between neuropathy and peripheral neuropathy is that Neuropathy is the condition, and Peripheral neuropathy is a specific manifestation of that condition. Peripheral is about the extremities of one's body. I have peripheral neuropathy in my arms and legs, the periphery of my body. There are also other types of neuropathy too. And it is not only caused by diabetes.

Here is a generalized 3 page article on Neuropathy:

Bonnie K.
Bonnie K. 2011-10-14 00:10:00 -0500 Report

For all of those suffering with fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy of any kind, I believe the difference is that firbomyalgia is a connective tissue desease all the tissues connected to the muscle is inflamed all the time sometimes worse than others causing terrible pain and the muscle is also affected, This can be fine one day and the next you can hardly function, causing muscle fatigue, pain and inability to open things, turn jar lids or heavy lifting . Sometimes 2 lbs can feel heavy. One thing you need to do each and every day is lay down for at least a half hour to an hour, you can lay there and think of relaxing things or take a nap but you have to lay down and rest, this allows your body to catch up to you and your energy level since most fibromyalgia people run a lowgrade Temp, if you take your temp most the time it is lower tha 98 degrees especially when you aren't feeling good, you probably notice it more by the warmth in your body like hands especially. This is a low grade temperature because your tissues are inflamed all the time. If you get cold it is hard to handle because it is more severely painful for us.

Neuropathy is damaged nerves creating shooting pains because your nerves send signals throughout the body, when they get damaged the signal still has to get where it is going so it jumps over the damaged area, causig the sudden lightning sharp pain usually followed by small shooting pains that is usually the signal that more flare up is coming until you have to take a pain pill because it gets so intense. Like mine is right now.
I hope this helps a bit.
Some of the things I use for pain of Fibromyalgia is cover with heavy blankets and use my own body heat to heal me, with a pain pill, I take a hot Hot shower, or I wear wrist bracs when I hurt and they are weak. I also have two scooters, A large one that fits in my husbands car for traveling and a smaller one that comes all apartthat I can lift on good days and fits in my car, They are called " THE PRIDE——The little one is in the PRIDE collection but is The GOGO Elete Delux Traveler—-The delux part means the base is wider for larger people.


digitaldoorbell 2011-10-05 22:48:48 -0500 Report

I have the same diagnosis. What is really bothersome is that my numbers are always "controlled", usually in the 90's and only had Type 2 for a few months when I also developed neuropathy. I also have "chills" and other symptoms. I have been on gabapentin for a few months. It does help. To be honest, I don't like that I have to take medication for this, I tried "holistic" things for many months, to no avail.

Please see a doctor. I lost a friend to diabetes complications last week. It is important to take care of yourself.

Bonnie K.
Bonnie K. 2011-10-05 23:12:31 -0500 Report

Gabapentin was one thing that didn't do much for me but I was only on 300 mg and according to the other competer you need to be on 1600 mg for it to do any good. I can't remember the new pill that took the place of gabapenton but she was the one that told me. My sisters both were on gabapenton also with not much results and they were on higher doses. If it works for you thats great. I had the chills really bad today after exercising and could hardly walk. I know what you mean. Bonnie

Kf6krc 2011-10-05 22:33:35 -0500 Report

Hello, I have neuropathy in my legs due to the diabetes, my doctor call it diabetic neuropathy.Which is nerve damage caused by diabetes. She prescribed gabapentin which is a neuropathy medicine and it take the chill and the pain away so I can sleep. Try talking to you doctor about this,

Bonnie K.
Bonnie K. 2011-10-05 23:15:21 -0500 Report

I take a antidepressant not for depression but it has always helped me sleep it is called Trazodone and I got off it for a year because I was trying to cut down on meds and boy was I sorry, I could not fall asleep for anything so I went back on Trazodone and I am fine now. It is a beta blocker and I don't have side effects that I know of. I have been on it since 1979 except for the one year. Bonnie

Heather44118 2011-10-06 15:24:00 -0500 Report

watch your tramadol carfully. I am also on it. I got a refill that was for Tramadol ( a pain pill) kept me up for days until I figured it out. It is one of the top ten pills that are mistaken for each other.

jayabee52 2011-10-05 01:59:56 -0500 Report

Not exactly the problem you describe, Bonnie, but I do have trouble staying warm if the temp is below 80 f. I used to be comfortable at a wider range of temps. Sometimes I get the shivers, especially at night. I will wear heavy socks, sweat pants, a sweat shirt, and a hooded sweatshirt (hood over my head) over that and then wrap up in a couple of heavy blankets and a comforter.

I USED to be like a little furnace in the winter and I slept with as little on as possible and even would sleep on top of the covers because I was TOO warm!

Someone else told me that my current problem is due to my thyroid being out of whack. I am seriously thinking of buying an electric blanket for this winter.

My temperature sensation in my hands has been fouled up since my ministrokes in 2005. If I pick up something from the refrigerator with my right hand, it feels like it is room temp. Fortunately that's only my Rt hand, because when I use my left hand to touch the same object from the reefer, it feels cool like it should. I have to use my left hand to check my shower temp, or I run the risk of scalding my body.

Sounds like you ought to invest in a bath water thermometer, Bonnie.

Bonnie K.
Bonnie K. 2011-10-05 11:15:24 -0500 Report

I know what your saying about the water temp I need to do something I am always scared I will kill my kidneys because it sprays on my back all the time to kill the pain there too. I better talk to my doctor about it. Thanks jayabee52

jayabee52 2011-10-05 22:14:45 -0500 Report

You'd have to have it REALLY, REALLY hot to kill or affect your kidneys. High BG levels and/or High BP would be more dangerous to your kidneys.

Also certain medications (like Metformin) can also do a number on your kidneys. Met weakened mine to the point I got an infection which shut them down.

I had to be on dialysis for 10 months. I thought I was going to be treated for the rest of my life, but fortunately my kidneys got better so that I could discontinue treatmens after 10 months.

That's been about 4 years that I have been off dialysis, but my kidneys are weakened enough that I will probably have to resume dialysis treatments in Nov.

I had been a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) and we were told to worry about scalding the patient's skin. We had to use a bath thermometer every time we bathed or showered the patient.

Bonnie K.
Bonnie K. 2012-01-21 22:52:51 -0600 Report

Sorry it has been awhile since got back to you but I have solved some of my chill issues and wanted to share it with you, I used to have a heavy blanket on top the sheet I slept on because the sheets were to cold for me to lay on and then I would cover with four or five blankets. In the middle of the night I would wake freezing because I sweat and drenched the top blankets, I throw off the first blanket that got wet and cover with the rest. I was so frustrated with it all I needed a better situation. I found that the blankets that felt good on my skin were fleece blankets and they seemed to hold my body heat and kept me warm. I got rid of all the othr blankets and began to sleep with three thin micro fleece blankets, I still had a fuzzy blanket on the bottom of me until one day when I was at Kohls department store I happen to see fleece sheets and they were on sale that made it even more appealing since I have a king size bed. My husband put them on the bed for me and I got rid of the blanket I slept on underneath me and I have been sleeping nice and warm and toasty every since. If I add another of the heavier blankets I used to have on me, I begin to sweat and the blankets get wet, I think it is because they don't breath like the other blankets do. No air gets in or out and so you get uneven heat. If I just stick to the three thin micro fleece (fuzzy ones) I sleep with no problems. Trust me get fleece sheets you will love them no more cold sheets. Bonnie K

valleybep 2012-01-19 12:46:26 -0600 Report

I am diabetic controlling blood sugar with diet and suffer from chills at night while watching TV. Thermostat is at 72 degrees and I wrap myself in blanket while wearing thick flannel shirt and jacket, plus a faux fur lined leather coat (which helps). Doesn't seem to matter how warm my house is, I still feel cold at night. I was assuming the night chills are related to neuropathy. In the morning, they're gone. Also, my skin is always very dry (aside from occasional night sweats), doesn't seem to matter how much creams I put on, also assuming this condition is related to neuropathy.

Thanks for the info on Metformin. Earlier posts had me thinking to ask my doctor for some, but after reading your post, I don't think so, as I have a large kidney stone that is presently staying in place (thank goodness!).

Bonnie K.
Bonnie K. 2012-01-19 21:38:46 -0600 Report

Hello valleybeb

I can sympathize with your chills but I found we need materials that draw the heat from out bodies to help us so even though I have fibromyalsia and diabetic neuropathy I cannot take cold drafts so I bought blanket fter blanket hoping one or the other would be warmer, I mean it I have dozens of blankets and then I tried fleece shirts, pajama's and now I have fleece sheets . My son has crones desease and I bought him fleece sheets and he too was cold all the time and he loves the sheets, he couldn't say praises enough about them. I bought my sister fleece sheets as well for christmas who suffers with the same deseases I have and she too sleeps a lot better and warmer. You may want to invest in some you will love them. I have a king bed but I bought all the sheet sets at Kohls . I bout a year ago 1000 count sheets thinking they would be so great and they were wonderful and pricey but they didn't keep me warm, I had to sleep on top a fuzzy blanket, I couldn't even use a top sheet it was to cold and painful but now I can sleep with comfort and I sweat with the heat at night. It's great. Bonnie K

valleybep 2012-01-20 10:03:51 -0600 Report

Thank you Bonnie, I've never heard of fleece sheets. I will definitely get some! Also, will try a fuzzy blanket in place of bottom sheet. It seems to me I saw advertised on TV recently an electric, heated throw blanket and will have to explore that option for when I watch TV at night. Thanks for your helpful tips.

Bonnie K.
Bonnie K. 2012-01-20 19:07:01 -0600 Report

Your quite welcome for the information, it comes from hit and miss on my part too. I forgot to mention about the Lotion, you mentioned your skin is so dry. I tried a lot of things and have recently tried——- AVEENO Skin relief for 24 hours and it really works that long. Tan bottle with blue markings—- moisterizes and relieves sensative or itchy, extra-dry skin fragrance free Thats what it says on the bottle. Bonnie K

valleybep 2012-01-29 16:42:07 -0600 Report

Thank you Bonnie for the Aveeno tip. I got some per your advice and it does work pretty good! Very good, in fact. Thank you.

Bonnie K.
Bonnie K. 2012-01-21 22:57:15 -0600 Report

I hate perfumed anything, it doesn't always smell the same on your skin, chemical reaction I guess. Another thing If you buy fleece sheets you won't need a blanket on the bottom of you, fleece sheets are like a blanket nder you, their wonderful. I use 3 fuzzy fleece ones on top of me and it is perfect. Do me a favor, when you get your leece sheets and try them for the first time —email me with your ahhhhhhh moment I know you will enjoy them. God Bless Bonnie K

valleybep 2012-01-24 22:00:17 -0600 Report

Okay, and thanks again. I have a memory foam bed that is pretty warm. When I'm in bed I don't seem to have a problem with chills, just with leg cramps. It's when I'm sitting watching TV mostly in the evening, not during the day, when I get the chills. God bless you too! And thanks for your valuable tips.