My husband has started insulin and my life has become a nightmare!

Cricket Crafter
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I don't know what to do short of giving up on my own life.
My husband has been battling with type 2 diabetes for about 4 years using oral medications, diet and exercise. Just two months ago, while his weight was the lowest it had ever been, his blood sugars and A1c were sky high. He was immediately hospitalized and put on insulin.
He had become very depressed and afraid for his life.
He decided his was going to make a life change while he is still alive.
He has a good job, which he has been out on sick leave since the hospitalization, that he no longer wants to go back to. He wants to start and edible forest garden, thinking he will overturn his illness and won't need medications at all. To do this, he will leave his job and move (us) to another state where his immediate family is.

I have tried and tried to understand and to agree with his decisions but I don't, I feel that he has been given a second chance at life and he should treasure it, but the move is definitely not something I can do. At least not there because he wants to move in with his family.

I have tried to interact with the family to make this transition easier on everyone, but it is snowballing out of control and blowing up in my face. We just are too different and can't seem to get along.

I am at the point where I am going to give up and tell him to go without me. I love him but I am going to lose him..Do you think that this change in personality and all the lifestyle changes he wants to make are part of his illness? If so, what can I do? I am going insane..

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pixsidust 2011-10-04 14:28:06 -0500 Report

I would seek counseling with a someone who knows Diabetes right away.
If he can not do it while being a functioning part of society then what makes him think he can do it by being supported by others? He is not rational, nor is this fair to his family for him to become a burden to them. No matter how nice they are with open arms. He is laying his burdens down for others to pick them up. Is he willing to give up insurance too?
I would paint the picture to his family and let them support you in his staying rational. If anything his not having insurance could prove lethal to him. Drive that point home to them and let them say no. Act swift.

jimmyjames43 2011-10-04 11:35:32 -0500 Report

He needs to read some of the topics on this sight and discussions,most of all both of you sit down with his doc,and talk about everything maybe he can guide you further.There are millions of people out there just like him and we all have our fears and concerns,but try to live a normal life,and thank God we can. Education is the key,and there are a lot of resources out there,he needs to read and educate himself for the both of you