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Hey…so I have been Type 1 for 3 1/2 years and I don't know of any support groups or anything in the NY area but I really need to find one! I am so overwhelmed by this disease…I feel like I'm just letting it defeat me. I can talk to friends and family but they can't really understand what it's like to be going through it since they don't have it. My sugars are not controlled well (not that I eat entirely the right way but getting diabetes out of nowhere and having to stop eating and drinking all of your favorite things after enjoying them for 22 years is not easy). I had a miscarriage in Dec 2010 which I'm pretty sure was due to my poor sugar control. And being that I went hypo so much while I was pregnant, I'm in a comfort zone of having my sugars in the 200's…a lot of time they're in the 300's tho and I have such a fear of my sugar dropping that I test at least 10 times a day. Since then I went into DKA this year, I've been depressed, haven't worked in almost a year now, I sit home all day and just eat and sleep. It's a wonder I'm only 130lbs. But I just HATE it…having to check my sugar before I do something as simple as shower, can't drive without checking it first, heat makes me dizzy, the beach is no longer fun for me, I don't go out dancing anymore cuz I don't want to have to carry my supplies with me while I'm dancing so I just don't go. I feel like I have completely stopped my life because of this disease and I feel like I have no one who understands it. I'm afraid to travel, go to concerts, work, etc because I'm so afraid my sugar will drop and I'll be away from home or someone I know. I know this is a long rant but I have held this in for such a long time…I'm only 26 and I am so afraid of the damage I am doing to myself and I hate that my life has taken a downward turn because of this. I want my life back and myself back…I just don't know how to get it :(

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Caliafiosgram62 2011-10-05 18:43:32 -0500 Report

I think everyone here on this site knows exactly how you feel. It's really a pain in the but to have to lug supplies around with you all the time. We all do it. When I travel I always have to make sure that I have something to eat in an emergency or enough insulin to handle anything I eat. It's a balancing act. Try to get past the down side of it. I'm sure that in the NY area there should be groups meeting in hospitals or clinics. Ask your doctor about it and when you find one, please go to at least two meetings. Then you will have some data and if one doesn't work, try another. I'm sure you will find one that will help you. Don't let the disease win. It's up to us to beat it.

pixsidust 2011-10-04 14:54:55 -0500 Report

Look up your local hospitals and see if they have some free classes and meetings for Diabetics. Most do. Goggle it with your zip code as well. Stay hooked in here and research your disease. Take the time to plan your life and your eating. You take charge, no matter what.

You are upset and depressed but do not ask others for validation in your ceasing to work or try in life. Thats really the kind of understanding you want…right? Yet even you know thats not right. Dry your tears, quit stomping your foot and become active again. As one diabetic person who knows where you are coming from to another, I am telling you to get disciplined. You take responsibility to plan your eating properly. Really plan!
When you have a plan you will feel so much better about yourself! Test strips are expensive, who is paying for all that? You have had your grief period. I cried for a while myself. Remember people pull back from someone who is always complaining and just about them. I am sure that is part of the lack of understanding you feel. You will feel better also if you get outside yourself. So stop…

Now is a new start and a new day for you. You can be successful! You can and must learn to plan and properly eat for your life. Browse the grocery aisles slowly reading. Plan your meals, travel with snacks. I use a soft side lunch bag cooler thats really cute and carry that with my purse. Eat in intervals, so your sugar does not drop. Read about snakcs here. Its not as important you go dancing as it is to get a job. Take your medicine, your meter and take your food. There is not reason for you to be at home. Its time to take care of yourself. You can let people know you are diabetic but keep it professional. The complaining stays at home.

This is who we are. We can be gracious. We can be strong and we can live life to our fullest! Time to live, sweetheart! Time to live!
And Yes, I do understand.

Take the time to fill out your profile here. Let people get to know you. There is a great group here!

jimmyjames43 2011-10-04 11:45:37 -0500 Report

Well hopefully you can find help here for your situation,there are a lot of good people in here with a lot of knowledge,you can lead a normal life,but you have to accept your a diabetic,so what if you have to check your blood sugars or carry supplies we all do it,there are so so many peole out there with diabetes that live normal lives.Get yourself up and on the proper diet and exercise,once you do that and keep a journal of your diet and blood sugars,your well on your way to the right path.You will soon figure out by how you feel,when on the proper diet,and that gives you the freedom you need to so things,when and what to snack on when hungry,Good luck and we are here to help,I have only been here a few months,and have got lots of good advice.Talk to your doc and get on the right plan for you…