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This is for everyone to read. I met a lady over this past weekend who is a diabetic for 30+ years. Last year she spent most of that time on antibiotics in a hospital and at home on bed rest with nurses coming to take care of things. Not my way of living. I shared with her some basic info to take to her doctor(s). If you dont get pro active on your Diabetes, who is iit helping? No one. For each person's diabetes plan and etc is unique. You have to speak up to your doctors. Tell them anything and everything. Especially things that seems weird different or omg outrageous. They only go by the guidelines they have. Unless they are diabetic the doctors dont have much else to go on. Thus you have to SPEAK up! Tell them what works and isnt working. Go ask for questions so you understand. If you dont, keep asking. I mean it! Til you are blue in the face of the conundrum and then start again if you must. Pass on the word on which websites and etc that will help any and all diabetics i.e. like this one. For we need to empower enlighten and educate ourselves as well as anyone dealing with Diabetes. This way we can help shape the future of our health plans. We can help find our cure. We can be the change for the future for our loved ones. Now what are you going to do today to help another or yourself? I hope its becoming Pro Active on Diabetes! Twas posted and stated to get others hope and the energy to work towards a better life. To help any and all for a better understanding. To take charge of your life and health. Not meant to offend. Have a great day!:)

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Very well said!! This is so true…You have to speak up for yourself…no one else really knows how you feel!!