Don't Take Everything to Heart

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In all fairnes,for those people, who-ever they may be, we feel have been negative and made posts about that; I feel this should be said.
Sometimes we feel that comments are directed at ourselves, that is usually because we have doubts of our own self=worth; But you know, often times that may not be the case, we could just as easily reading a negative respone out of a positive one if we feel it is directed toward our post or out replies. Sometimes you go on a post and follow it and in the middle you will see a lot of negativity, and what seems to be fights starting, and we feel it is our fault. But, is it really. And is it really a negative post. We don't know. Maybe someone tried to say something that just came out all wrong. Don't take it to heart, we all have our own faults, and we often err, accidentally. I know that my words in my brain are faster than my hands, and it is hard, sometimes, to get my point accross correctly. Give People a chance to explain themselves' and don't be in a rush to leave or separate the communtity what just might be accidental upset.

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