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I need help in understanding the needles. I don't get why I have 1cc and 1/2 cc. I take 40 units of Lantus but which needle do I use? The 1 cc goes by tens but when you count between 30 and 40 it's only 4. I don't get it. Please help.

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Type1Lou 2011-10-03 18:29:29 -0500 Report

Gosh, I forgot about the different types of syringes. I had been using the Lantus Solostar insulin pen and the NovoLog Flexpen prior to going on the pump in August. It was so much easier to just dial up the correct dose with the pens. It was also easier and more discreet to inject when you're out and about. Are pens an option for you?

ShellyLargent 2011-10-03 11:40:43 -0500 Report

The reason there is only 4 lines between the numbers on a 1cc syringe is because it counts by 2's (e.i. 30 - 32 - 34 - 36 - 38 - 40…) You can use either syringe as long as you can measure to 40 units. 40 units on either syringe is still 40 units. It may look like more insulin in the 1/2cc syringe because it's barrel is smaller than the 1cc syringe. 1cc syringes hold 1 cubic centimeter of fluid (1cc) while a 1/2cc is exactly that, 1/2 of a cubic centimeter. Here's a link to a website I found that explains a little about syringes:

I use the 1cc syringes with no problems. If I need an "odd" number of units for insulin (like 21 units) I just place the indicator in the space between two lines. It's worked so far for me. Hope this helped!

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