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I just found out that I have type 1. Now I guess I have to change the way I buy food. Is it that hard or what. Do I have to change what I eat or eat the same things?

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Type1Lou 2011-10-02 17:17:19 -0500 Report

To piggy-back on squog master below…carbs are the key. If your BG's are too high, you can lower them by reducing the number of carbs you eat. You'll have to determine what is right for you and your activity level. Chances are, you'll have to change what you eat. For me, living with diabetes and trying to regain better control, it means avoiding breads, potatoes, many desserts, some fruits (e.g.citrus, pineapple) and veggies (corn); I try to limit my carb intake to no more than 120 grams per day. Learn as much as you can and I'm wishing you the strength to make the right decisions. DC is a great resource for you.

squog master
squog master 2011-10-02 17:06:55 -0500 Report

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Taz_t_man 2011-10-02 18:44:22 -0500 Report

Right now I get confused with how long before I check my sugar or how long after. I like to eat when I want. I don't eat a lot at a time, just a lot of times.

jayabee52 2011-10-02 19:46:54 -0500 Report

Howdy Taz! WELCOME to DC! Look for my friend request too!

I believe the MINIMUM is what Squog Master told you below. Only your pocketbook can tell you how many maximum. I have read of people testing themselves 10 to 15 times per day especially when they're getting used to how foods affect their own body specifically.

Every Person With Diabetes ( PWD) metabolizes food a bit differently. The a carb which would send one PWD's Blood Glucose skyrocketing, may barely bother another's. So there is (or should be) a time when you test more frequently to learn what a certain favorite food or drink affects YOUR body and YOUR BG levels.

If you have medical insurance sometimes those ins. Cos will ask your Dr to back your testing off. They do that to save them the cost of paying for the testing. But ask your Dr for a testing strip prescription which works out to the number of test strips you use per day. On the other hand, do test that often (yes I know, SORE FINGERS!) Show your Dr that you actually are testing that often by your log book or sheet. You can also purchase test strips on your own without a Rx from a Dr. (In fact I just bought some this morning, and the clerk looked as me strangely wondering if I had a Dr Rx for them —- Nope!)

Much more I could say about the METHOD you may want to use to determine what you can metabolize well and what you can or should not. Should you be interested just ask me here, or when you accept my friend request, via the DC email system.

Blessings to you and yours Taz. Give my regards to Grand Island. I lived in Bertrand for a few years.


squog master
squog master 2011-10-02 19:01:07 -0500 Report

I think most people check first thing in the morning & last thing at night. Then at least after one meal during the day. And when you do the after eating check, you should check it about 2 hours after eating. It's good to eat your basic 3 meals & also have small snacks too. You mainly need to watch the carbs.

squog master
squog master 2011-10-02 17:06:16 -0500 Report

Basically you want to keep track of how much carbs you eat each day.

When shopping, one thing you should start doing is reading the labels for carb content. Don't over whelm yourself by trying to read them all the 1st time you go. Just do some each time. Also, my cousin has a son who has had Type 1 since he was 5 years old. She cuts the nutrition labels off the boxes & tapes them to the inside of her cupboards. This way she & her husband would know the # of carbs in an item. And this has helped him as he has gotten older to count carbs & know how many carbs each item contains.

I keep track of them in a notebook instead. The first time I open, let's say, a box of crackers, I write the # crackers in one serving, & the # of carbs in one serving in my book.

Some times I calculate how many crackers are in one serving of carbs. 15 mg of carbs = i serving of carbs. Then I write that also or instead of the package's # per serving.

I hope I haven't confused you or scared you. It's not really hard. It just takes a little time & effort.

Welcome to the neighborhood! It's a great site & has a lot of wonderful, caring & supportive people on it. I'm sure you'll be hearing from many of them soon.

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