Feel Like a Canary in a Coal Mine?

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The millions of us whose diabetes is not completely hereditary, which would include Type 2 and LADA, have our environment to thank. Some of it we can control, but it’s the same environment that the non-diabetic world lives in. And we die of pretty much the same things as the rest of the world. It’s just that the heart attack or stroke might come sooner because of the diabetes. I have to keep reminding myself that it is NOT diabetes that kills anyone. It’s the complications. We diabetics not only die from the same things as everybody else, we have the same inputs that contribute: stress, diet, alcohol, and activity level.

The onset of the diabetes epidemic is just the harbinger of a dying-too-early epidemic for the whole human race. But unless fate, or the fairly weak set of known facts, lulls us into inaction, we can be the canary that leads the rest of our grubby miner earth-mates to fresh air.

I’m sure people often think it’s just a line when I say, “Diabetes is the best thing that ever happened to me.” But the point is that this wake up call has mandated lifestyle changes that will extend my life. What I’ve done to control my diabetes is the same stuff that would extend anyone’s life. What a claim, huh? You may not know me well enough to know I don’t make it lightly. My assumption that there’s some good to come from this major life-twist also helps my head. And so… I believe I’m a canary, mapping the tunnel-maze, finding a reasonable path to a sustainable life for myself and anyone else.

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