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I know we all get caught up in our daily lives. With the usual daily problems and our health. But stop for a minute. Think. Who are you unknowingly Inspiring today? Who is watching you struggle with all you do? You would be greatly surprised at the many you do by doing the simple things. Like a smile or a hug. These things are sometimes taken for granted. Sometimes we forget to use our manners saying Thank you Please and etc to our families. Yet if we can do it to our friends why not our family? That twinkle in your eye may be just the thing to get another to stop looking at their failures and woes of life. So go out and Inspire another. Why? Why not! Because you all Inspire me daily. With your hugs, gifts, friendships, words of encouragement all show me how you do care. Hence Thank you Wanishi (Lenape for thank you) Wado (Cherokee for thank you). Have a great day! Hugs and best of Everything for you all richly deserve it.

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jayabee52 2011-09-30 16:24:05 -0500 Report

when my bride Jem would get down I'd tell her "You never know who is watching you and finds inspiration and encouragement from you." I'd sometimes add, "YOU inspire me greatly with the way you are so very kind to people even when I know you're hurting." (getting a little misty-eyed here)

Good words! Thank you Tsal

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