Diabetes and depression

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I've only known of having diabetes for about a year now and already I am sick of it. I already suffer with manic depression and bipolar and high blood pressure with this on top. There are days when I am afraid to eat for fear of the sugar going up too high and then I am bothered with it getting too low. My other illness makes me just want to give up and allow it to kill me. Yeah, I know that is harsh and there should be some help groups to help me but where. What can I eat and feel safe? I want to scream. Help!

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jayabee52 2011-09-29 22:11:51 -0500 Report

Howdy Melva! WELCOME to DC!
Every person with diatetes (PWD) has that feeling from time to time. I've had type 2 for 16 years and it has been a bed of roses —— thorns included!

I understand about the Bipolar disorder as I have a freind with it. (isn't manic depressive the same thing?)

Renee (Dietcherry) asks some good questions and makes a good recommendation to stick with us. I've been here for 3 years now which is saying a lot for this website since I have ADHD and am easily bored. I am not bored here! I have learned so much more in these past 3 years than the first 13 before it.

I want you to know that there is help here for your diabetes on DC. There's help for your Bipolar disorder on a sister site "Bipolar connect". To find them go to the top of this page to the words "visit another community" mouse over the words and select Bipolar from the drop down list. To sign up just use your login info from DC and you're in! I'm not a member there, but am a member in several other communities and all are just as friendly as DC is. I highly recommend it.

About your harsh sounding feeling. One of my problems I have is Kidney disease for which I needed dialysis for a while. I considered myself a dead man walking. I thought along the same lines too. I even talked to the social worker from the dialysis clinic telling her my thoughts about not coming back for treatments and letting the poisons in my body take me away and die.

I finally decided to stay with the dialysis treatments so that I would not give my 3 sons permission to do the same thing when times got tough in their lives. (and I am sure if they live very long they will have tough times).

What I didn't know at the time I made that decision that within 10 months of starting dialysis I would get the news that I no longer needed it. Usually when someone goes on dialysis it is for the rest of their life or until they get a transplant.

I was one of those fortunate ones. I may have to go back on dialysis in a month or two, but I have had 4 years without having to be on it.

I was also concerned that nobody would be interested in me as a romantic partner ether. But months after I got off of dialysis, I met a lady onilne in a website for disabled people. She was at the time undergoing dialysis and found my story fascinating. We fell in love, even though we were 500+ miles apart and I eventuallly moved there to marry her. She was an exceptional lady in very many ways and she blessed me greatly by being in my life and letting me be in her life, We enjoyed one another's company for several months until one morning in July 2010 I couldn't wake her.

But I would have MISSED all those blessings had I decided to let my disease take me away from this life.

I don't know how deadly Bipolar disorder can be. I understand that a person may die by their own hand in either the manic state or the depressive state, and I ask you not to do those things.

If you mean the diabetes, would take you from this life, that's also not easy to do. Your body has built in fail-safes to bring you out of a low, and it is difficult to go so high that you lose your life right away.

And if high BGs do come they often bring painful complications long before they bring death.

So stick here with us. Get supported, and learn about how to manage your diabetes.

Praying you take my words to heart

Blessings to you and yours Melva!


dietcherry 2011-09-29 19:27:28 -0500 Report

Hello Melva! Are you T1 or T2 and are you on meds for it? I know its hard at times to stay positive-Ive been dealing with it for 31 years! I think we are the best online support site around so stick with us! :)

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