Kids say the darnest things...

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My daughter is 10 yrs. old. She knew that I have to test myself and that I take shots, but she never really knew why I had to do all this stuff. We recently just moved from an apartment into a rental house. While we were moving one night, I had my husband stop at a gas station on the way back to the house because I was low and was out of glucose tabs. I got a Payday candy bar and she and my husband also got candy bars. A few nights later, we were leaving the apartment with the last load of stuff, she turns to me and says, "So, Mom, how's your number?" I thought it was because I had been "moody" earlier, which can be a sign that I'm low. I knew I was fine, I asked her why she wanted to know and she just shrugged it off. I insisted that she tell me and every time, she said she didn't know, just felt like asking. After constant prodding, I finally got her to admit she asked because she was hoping I was low and needed to stop and get candy again. I just laughed! But it made me also realize just how little she did know. I explained to her what a low meant, how dangerous it can be and then we discussed things that she could do to help me should I ever need it. It amazes me how kids' brains work! Just thought I'd share a laugh with everyone! Thanks!

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i have loads of memories odf my dad and his diabetes when i was younger!!! i remember offereing him a sweet and he would always pretend to eat it then slip it in his pocket!! i also remember him explaining that his needle was like a water gun as he shot some units up into the air!! as children we were never sat down and told about his diabetes or how important it is we just accepted it!! i have this other memory when i was about five or six and my mam was giving out to me because she caught me eating his sweets from the glove compartment in his car!! i just didnt understand how important those sweets were to him in case of an emergancy!!
i became type one around 7 years ago and id KILL the person who ever tried to munch on my emergancy sweets!!

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