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Bonnie K.
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Does anyone out there experience these problems. Sleepless nights, Painful waking you out of a sound sleep night. Walking the floors to kill the leg pain.

Hello Bonnie here. I have Fibromylgia, and Diabetic Neuropathy, as wel as degenerative arthritis, just had both knees replaced. I am finally back from the surgeries but Like last night I went to bed and just layed there. I put on my breathing mask and nothing. I wasn't even thinking about anything really, like sometimes your mind races after a hectic day, I had a peaceful day so I had no excuse, Why Icouldn't sleep I have no idea, I never got to bed until 5:30 am this morning and then was back up at 8:30 am.

Am I the only one with this problem??? What is the problem anybody know.

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Abby888 2011-09-29 05:27:18 -0500 Report

Hi Bonnie…I also have Fibromyalgia and Diabetic Neuropathy. Mornings are usually the worse for us with these conditions. What I learned from my physical therapist is gentle stretching before you get out of bed. It definitely helps.

jayabee52 2011-09-28 23:04:59 -0500 Report

There could be many causes or reasons for insomnia, Bonnie. Here is an article in the NY Times about insomnia which lists the causes about half the page down:

You are certainly NOT alone. I have difficulty with it too. I blame my ADHD which cause my mind to be hyperactive, and I have racing thoughts that I cannot seem to shut off. When I was going through a divorce and was really emotionally disturbed by it I had problems with it too. Just couldn't shut my brain off.

The problem is as varied as the persons experiencing the problem.

I pray that you can get some good sleep tonight!


nabil 2011-09-28 23:03:11 -0500 Report

Restless-leg-Syndrome and Peripheral Neuritis (neuropathy) have to be checked in your case.

Bonnie K.
Bonnie K. 2011-09-28 23:40:16 -0500 Report

I do have restless leg syndrome and diabetis type 2, I was also diagnosed with severe diabetic neuropathy, the doctory said no waonder you can hardly walk, I have it for sure fro the hips and butt to t he toes and the neck to the finger tips, now the doctor said I may have it in my bladder, I experienced severe pain from an ultrasound when she touched me in the lower belly, It hurt so back I wanted to scream, When I got home I needed a heating pad and it hurt for a week. It is still not a place I want to be touched at.

Sorry to hear abut your divorce, emotional set backs can cause so much more than depression, especially if it takes too long to get a handle on it. I speak from experience, I was never divorced but have had severe depression most of my life, I got ahold of it but it didn't help in getting all the health problems so I know what your saying. Maybe I am defective. LOL Bonnie

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