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I am just having a terrible time trying to accept this Type 2 Diagnosis. 4 days before my only daughter's out-of-town wedding, I was told iby a nurse, in a very abrupt manner, under the pretext that I was there to discuss nutrition as a preventative pre-diabetes measure! So, I basically haven't dealt with it until this summer. I am on Metformin, my AC1 is down, I dropped 22-lbs right away, but 5-months later, I do not check my #'s & can't seem to make myself exercise. I read articles, etc. I plow away at this, thinking just read all the information you can to learn all you can & at some point it's going to all fall into place & you'll be out of this fog. It helps to read others struggles & know AI am NOT alone in this. NONE of my large family has had this nor can they empathize…thanks for listening:)

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dingogranny 2011-09-29 14:24:25 -0500 Report

Oh, lady, do you seem like my twin!! I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and the doctor flat-out asked me if I'd been testing my bg; I guess by now he understands that this is something I am not good at. (because I know if I take my sugars I will see where they are and then I have to watch what I eat, but if I ignore them, then I can continue making bad choices in my diet).
The good news, for me, is that my A1c was a 7 this time, down .2 since three months ago when I had it taken. The doctor advised me, again, to watch my carb intake and sugars.
Every day I wake up with the same intentions, diet, exercise, etc and most days I am not meeting my goals. I'm frustrated with myself and wonder why I have this disease since it seems so unfair to have been dealt this hand, while I like and work with people who can eat whatever they want.
This week, I am trying to do just one thing a day to my health. Monday, I made sure to drink water; Tuesday I got a full 8 hours of sleep; yesterday I didn't do anything and I haven't set a goal for today yet.
You aren't alone…I like the support I get here, I just wish there was a little man to follow me around and remind me not to eat the things I shouldn't and to remind me to walk!

csrstar 2011-09-29 21:36:52 -0500 Report

You first line made me laugh out loud, so thanks for that! I am finally 'getting' that daily testing will help me gauge with what I ate etc. It's a maintainance thing right? This is ALL so foreign to me, but know there are others struggling, just as I am, has helped me immensely. Just knowing I'm not alone in this is HUGE! Thanks so much for your response:)

RAYT721 2011-09-28 17:21:25 -0500 Report

Oh you are NOT alone with the fears, feelings and frustrations of being diabetic. It's a complete lifestyle change but you should realize (although hard) that the changes you should make are those for the better. Being diabetic isn't nearly as bad as being an out of control diabetic. It's the complications of ignoring the condition that cause the problems. It is however a disease that makes self-motivation so important. Now, we all know what we should be doing for ourselves. That doesn't mean that we do it. The exercise thing is probably the hardest thing for a person to do alone so try to recruit a friend, family member or neighbor to work out with you and by work out, I am not talking about training for a bodybuilding competition. Find something you like … walking, running, jumping rope, throwing a frisbee or whatever. Even housework helps to burn calories and provides movement. Try to find some things that work for you for weight training (cans of tomatoes or gallons of water) and / or cardio (ie quick walks around the block) and / or mobility. Does your YMCA or local gym have a pool for indoor water aerobics? You should be able to meet like minded people there. The testing is also something that we can't do for you but will sure help you determine what foods and activities work with you or against you. We are a very understanding family here so we're glad to have you with us. If there's something that I can do or say to help you, count me in - I will ALWAYS accept friend invites!!! You have taken a very big step by reaching out to us to walk this journey with you. Congratulations on that!

csrstar 2011-09-29 21:33:23 -0500 Report

Thanks for the encouraging words. I am learning little by little that it's a maintainance thing. I appreciate your feedback very much:)

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