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This is sort of a follow up on my post "We don't Judge" After reading through all the posts, and not to beat a dead horse, but; I did want to remind everyone that there is a subject that doesn't get talked about much, or recognized enough, and it is obvious to me that people don't put it in the forefront of their illness, but it should be because it affects people everyday,and for that reason it could affect the way they post or reply. We all have to deal with the problem of severe mood swings, with blood sugar levels that have not been consistent esp, and depression which everyone deals with, and it is a day to day thing. You could feel fine one, but the next, not, and that could affect the way many of us react to a post. So what I suggest is that instead of hopping on a comment quickly, take a moment to read the statement over before reacting to it, and then you might even want to look and see who you are responding to and ask yourself; Do I know this person from past posts; Are they normally like this or maybe they are having a really hard day. But for whatever reason, realize that you may just be reading them wrong before you react, I know we have freedom of speech, and we are truly lucky, but do we have freedom to hurt, without thinking about the consequences?

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azmisty 2008-10-28 07:40:41 -0500 Report

Excellent input and observation. My system is so crazy that I had the severe mood swings before being diagnosed with diabetes…and now I seem to be on a much more even keel.

But I am sure that your observation is very valid.

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