Vacations and Out of Country Visits

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Recently went on a trip to Panama and visited the rain forest at Gamboa. Stayed at their hotel My wife had an insulin related attack there and would have died, had it not been for a doctor attended a conference there. The resort was about 60 miles from downtown Panama. Panama has the finest medical facilites in the World, including a John Hopkins Medical Center. My best advice to give is to inquire, when you stay at a resort far from the nearest hospital and see what they offer, you will find that most offer simple first aid, and nothing more. So just be careful, when travelling and ask that resort in advance what medical is available for emergencies.

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So very important, thanks for sharing with us. I hope your wife is doing better now. I was just on vacation in California and before I went I checked my network to make sure there was a hospital or doctor in my network in the area and there was. The hospital down the street from my son's house was in network. I didn't need to use it but it was a good sense of security knowing it was there just in case.