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hello to everyone, I havehad my carpal tunnel op and it went ok. I am very sore and need to keep my wrist elevated in a sling for 5 days. I just wanted to say thanks for caring for me Narelle

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MEGriff1950 2011-09-27 05:58:36 -0500 Report

Hello Narelle, I had the surgery many years ago. I have a couple of suggestions. The surgeon had me rub vaseline on the area after it healed enough to make the scar more supple. Both the gentle rubbing and moisture did help. I had just started Borage oil before the surgery for something else. The Borage helps with soft tissues and is also an Omega 9, helps with cholesterol. I get it at walmart and take 2 a day. I needed surgery in my other wrist too but after taking the borage oil my other wrist got better after about 4 weeks. That was back in the mid 90's. If I go without the borage oil for a month or more both wrists start hurting again. I recommended it to 5 other co workers that had carpel tunnel syndrome also. They started taking Borage Oil and none have had surgery yet after all these years. If you go online and research it this is highly contraversial except for the Omega 9 benefits.
I hope your healing goes very well. Just do as your dr says and do not use the fingers even. God be with you,

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