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I have been a diabetic for 5 or 6 years. I am starting my weight loss journey. I never tell people how much I weigh but I am a point in my life to where I want something different. I am currently 377 pounds. I am 5ft 6in. I would like to find an online weight loss buddy that I can be in contact with on a weekly basis. I feel that this would be good for me so that I can be held accountable for my weight loss. If there is anyone out there that is willing to help me, please contact me. I am very serious about this. I want to be able to talk to this person via telephone or Skype via the internet. Again, I am really serious about this and am looking for someone to begin this with very soon.

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jayabee52 2011-09-25 10:33:26 -0500 Report

Have you been to DC's sister community Obesity connect? You might find folks there who might wish to do that with you. Of course just give it some more time here and perhaps there will be someone who is willing. I just lost 50, and don't want to lose much more weight.

Praying you have success in finding a weightloss buddy, and that you lose the weight you want to lose.