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Many have mentioned here that you should eat a small amount of protein with your carbs to help slow the digestion process reducing spikes and keeping blood sugar more level. I googled this and found many sites that do promote the protein. I came across this site which I thing is very good explaining foods and may answer some questions I have seen asked. http://www.askanaturopath.com/faqs/blood-suga...

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Marytea 2011-09-25 09:55:33 -0500 Report

I was taught to include a bit of protein with my carbs too. I eat a hardboiled egg with a bowl of oatmeal. It holds my hunger at bay for quite a while. I sometimes coat a coffee mug with a tiny bit of olive oil, crack two eggs and 2 tsp of milk and stir til blended. Micro on hi for 45 secs, stir then micro until almost set, 30-45 secs. You can top with a bit of cheese or salsa or both.

mebetty 2011-09-24 20:05:34 -0500 Report

Hi Mary. yes, my dietician suggested meals should have three components: 1/3 protein, 1/3 complex carbs (green veggies), and 1/3 carbs for best dietetic results. Too much of any of these is unbalanced and not beneficial. Also any protein should not be greater than the size of your palm, so that measures out everything else on the plate. Thanks for your post.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-24 20:40:24 -0500 Report

Does that mean the 16 oz Ribeye steak is out? I can't believe our store had it on sale 2 weeks ago for only $7.99 a pound. For that much I can make a meal for the family

granniesophie 2011-09-24 16:39:24 -0500 Report

This is amazingly true! Stupid me ate only oatmeal for breakfast this morning (what was I thinking?) and spiked to 277 an hour later. Then 4 hours or so later I was at 67 and felt like crap. So I ate carb and protein and everything is hunky-dory now, except I still feel like crap and I have loads of stuff to do today.
Lessons learned-protein and carbs together, and no oatmeal for me ever again! I guess I will bake lots of oatmeal cookies for an upcoming bake sale instead and freeze them until then!!

quiltqueen2000 2011-09-25 09:24:25 -0500 Report

Instead of regular oatmeal eat steel cut oatmeal. It actually lowers my glucose reading! I eat it with a bit of real butter and some Splenda and it is wonderful!

robertoj 2011-09-24 21:05:52 -0500 Report

If you eat oatmeal avoid the quick oats. Steel cut oats are the best bet because they contain the most fiber. They do take 30 minutes to cook so you might consider using a slow cooker overnight. I use cinnamon and fruit without adding sweetener.

mebetty 2011-09-24 20:01:20 -0500 Report

you may want to sprinkle some flax seed in your oatmeal. It almost has as much protein as it does carbs, but it is a great source for diabetics. I also put some in my salads and sometimes cook it with my green beans. Click on this site for more info: http://lowcarbdiets.about.com/od/whattoeat/a/...

Beata2 2011-09-26 13:54:17 -0500 Report

Buy flax seed in small amounts. You can't always tell if it's gone rancid and this is bad for your prostate. Okay, ladies can ignore this!

mebetty 2011-09-26 19:07:08 -0500 Report

you are right Beata2. I buy a small package at the spice section in my supermarket. It lasts about a month. I keep it refrigerated.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-24 20:36:10 -0500 Report

Wow thank you Betty. I know that Walmart now stocks the oil and wondered how to use it. Duh I could have googles. I have been taking the gel caps for years. If I ask how it tastes please do not say like chicken. LOL
The dr had me on provastatin for high cholesterol. It did not do too much for me. I stopped taking that and went to Fish Oil and Flaxseed oil gel caps along with the Borage Oil that I was already taking. In a short time my cholesterol was good for me barely above normal.
Ok after writting the above I clicked on the link. I did not know that there was a flax meal or anything about it. I have bookmarked the site. This will be a must get when I get back from my sisters. From the sounds of it flax meal can be hidden in dishes and no one will know they are eating healthy.

mebetty 2011-09-24 22:05:59 -0500 Report

flax seeds are quite small and are just nuts. you barely notice them in your mouth with oatmeal. If you get to bite one, it is very pleasant — tastes pretty close to sunflower seeds (without the salt). When I cook green beans I may add some as well as sesame seeds. It gives the green beans great taste, even though I like green beans without anything. I buy small packages from the spice section of our supermarket and it lasts about a month. I put it in my cereals where it gets lost, but the benefits are awesome. If you have any digestive problems you will see results right away. Just a teaspoon with oatmeal, or cereal, or salad, etc. will do the trick.

MsBugzee 2011-09-26 14:57:05 -0500 Report

Hi there! I discovered, was introduced to, Chia seeds. They are tiny and have a tiny little crunch when you eat them. Very tasty. I will get some for myself.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-25 00:42:19 -0500 Report

I could not use the seed form without grinding it to flax meal. I have diverticulosis and not supposed to eat hard nuts or fruit with seeds like strawberries, raspberries etc. I will be checking into it.

hillwalker 2011-09-26 01:26:01 -0500 Report

kind of interesting my father has diverticulitis recent studies show the seeds have no effect his doctor told him it didn't matter the flares and infections have no relation to nuts they are working on getting him scheduled for surgery it seems two hospitalizations is the point where they think surgery is a good idea

MEGriff1950 2011-09-24 17:00:44 -0500 Report

For me when I eat Oatmeal I usually put 1/2 to 1 cup of fruit in the bowl first. That does not leave much room for the Oatmeal and (bad) I eat about 2 strips of bacon with it. I did this even before hearing about the protein. I do not get the spikes this way. If you put raisins in those cookies I will not be tempted to be your taste tester. LOL