How do you feel about gifts and profile comments?

By MEGriff1950 Latest Reply 2011-09-27 17:28:40 -0500
Started 2011-09-24 11:20:15 -0500

I receive gifts and profile comments but when I go to look for them some people have mass sent those to a lot of people making it difficult to find the comments. I know all you have to do is scroll to the botton and keep hitting show older activity. After 4 or 5 times I stop.
I feel these gifts and comments are meaningless when mass ones are sent like some do. I also feel that when someone is having going through a very difficult time that hugs are in order. I also feel that gifts are a nice way to say congratulations for a personal achievement or a posting that is very helpful. I also reserve special comments for the DC email.
Ok I know many will hate what I just said but these are my feelings and thoughts.

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flipmom 2011-09-26 23:06:58 -0500 Report

the developer forgot to put an option where we can see our own profile to keep track of things.. we can see others but not out own..thats why all the stuff send to us gets lost in the homepage… i wish they would fix it!

margokittycat 2011-09-24 21:23:43 -0500 Report

Well Mary I have to disagree but everyone has their own opinion about it. I do do a mass one for all my friends at times, because I want them all to know I was thinking of them and they came to mind. But as I said everyone has their own opinion. I love the gifts and being able to send them to all my friends.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-25 00:33:49 -0500 Report

So Margo I take it then that we can agree to disagree :) The idea is great but when they get lost I just give up looking.

Uncle Lew
Uncle Lew 2011-09-24 20:29:11 -0500 Report

I agree with you Mary. Unless I go to my immediately profile to read a comment or note or gift within minutes of its posting, it is lost. It would be nice to read notes and received gifts that other members of this community have taken the time to send me. Maybe Diabetes Connect can add a tab for postings and gifts like the tabs they have for My Profile, Friends and Inbox.
I know I would ejoy reading the notes and seeing the gifts that are sent me.
The crazy system that is in place now discourages me from posting note and sending gifts.

Caliafiosgram62 2011-09-27 17:28:40 -0500 Report

I agree wholeheartedly. Every time I see that someone has given me a gift or commented on something I wrote or did, I can never find it. I don't always get back to the web site for a couple of days and by then it's tooooooo late

MEGriff1950 2011-09-25 00:31:13 -0500 Report

It did not take me long to stop even trying after scrolling through so many pages of postings. I even removed some of the people who were mass sending hoping that would help. Yes I would like to be able to read the messages and reply.

Samsons Mom
Samsons Mom 2011-09-25 00:06:40 -0500 Report

OK…I'm new to this and have not figured out how to send someone a hug or a gift. Is it easy or do I have to sign up for it? I can see both sides here. It's kind of like when you send all your email friends a nice email and as you're hitting their name on your list, you think of them. Then you send the same email to many of your friends. However, they all get to see it and who it is from at their leisure when they open their email. But, it sounds like Mary is frustrated because she misses the opportunity to even see who sends her a message, hug or whatever. It's a process problem with the site, not with the person sending either individual or mass mailings. I agree with Uncle Lew. Maybe Diabetic Connect could just add an area where we could go to "Pick up" our hugs and special messages…Of course, that brings me back to the fact that I don't know how to send those out… I will keep looking!

squog master
squog master 2011-09-24 17:04:48 -0500 Report

Since I sustained a stress fracture in my pelvis I have not been on my computer as much as I like to. Sometimes a week at a time. I always get an email that I have been sent a gift or comments. I know from that email who sent a gift, what it is & if they sent a comment, what they wrote. And I have received many since I got the fracture. I like to see them on my profile but when it's been more than 24hrs it's so hard to track them down. So I just content myself with knowing what was sent & written thru the email alerting me to them.

And to everyone who has been sending me well wishes I would like to say "Thank You". I'm healing slower than I like but that is due to: 1) The prednisone I'm on for RA & 2) The fact that I now have Osteoporosis.

But my new RA dr is weaning me off the pred & started me on Vit D & calcium. Getting off the pred will help stop the bone damage. And the Vit D & calcium will build them up again.

I am farther along than when I first got the fracture. I can drive. But only drive myself when I am almost pain free. If I'm sore for whatever reason I let a friend drive me or I stay home because driving does aggravate it some. I can stand long enough to cook easy meals & wash some dishes. I can stoop some so now I can load the dish washer if I choose to let the dishes pile up a few days. And I can stand to sit on the shower chair with a piece of foam rubber on it instead of washing with baby wipes. Hopefully I'll be able to stand long enough to take a regular shower soon.

Again, Thanks to all who have been sending me gifts & well wishes since this whole ordeal started. :D

Samsons Mom
Samsons Mom 2011-09-25 00:13:40 -0500 Report

Squog master, so sorry to hear of your ordeal with the pelvic fracture. I am an orthopaedic nurse and know how painful those can be; bless you! I'm glad to hear you are feeling a bit stronger and are getting around now and then. Prednisone is one of the most wonderful and horrible drugs there is! Darn it anyway. I'm glad you are getting to be weaned off of it. I hope you continue to get stronger and that your bones build up nicely with the calcium and vitamin D. Remember to get some sunshine to help with the absorption, too! I will just send you a big hug right here since I don't know how to send the other kind! Wishing you God's speed and healing. Claudia

MEGriff1950 2011-09-24 17:13:24 -0500 Report

Squog Master, thank you for replying to my post.
I am so sorry to hear that you are going through so much right now. I pray that your healing will continue but at a faster rate.
God bless,

squog master
squog master 2011-09-24 18:10:15 -0500 Report

Thanks Mary! I think I will now I have the new Dr. He is more experienced than his colleague and I knew in changing to him he would treat me more aggressively than she was. He has already shown me I was right in lowering the prednisone & raising the methotrexate. He went right to the highest amount I use to take when I was going to a different practice in order to make weaning me off the pred effective. his younger colleague would only raise the meth 2 pills at a time. then every 2 months she made me do blood work to see if she could raise it more. Then when I sustained the fracture I alerted her to it & didn't ask her anything about the blood work cause I was concentrating so much on the fracture. So when I went back to her in 6 weeks she wouldn't do anything about the meth cause the blood work was already 2 months old. I had to have more blood work done before she would consider it.

I did it, then requested to change drs. And let them know if I couldn't switch to the one I wanted I would go back to the other practice I had left. There were other reasons I knew I had to switch to a more experienced dr. One being that the younger dr cut the pain med the hospital put me on for the fracture by 2/3rds because writting the script for that much pain med was "Out of my comfort zone" & in order to force me to go to a pain management dr who I told her I could not afford to see & that as the fracture healed I wouldn't need that much pain med anyway. I had to have my PCP start writing the scripts for the pain med instead.

My new dr agreed with me on this. he said there was no sense in going to a pain dr while I still had the fracture. But I couldn't get her to understand that. My PCP couldn't believe what the young dr did. And she did this after a phone consultation with a pain management dr who doesn't know me from a hole in the ground but could recommend she cut my pain meds by 2/3rds. Then when I called the pain dr to find out what happened, he could not talk with me because I am "not his patient". How much sense does that make!!!!?

MEGriff1950 2011-09-25 00:27:51 -0500 Report

Oh that is horrible to have to go through. I have fired more then one dr myself but for much less serious neglect and disregard to my needs. (((Squog))) you definately need that hug. I really do not understand how some of these people feel that they are doing a good job as medical professionals. From my understanding pelvic fractures are the worst for pain and healing. I pray that your new dr will do all that he can to help you through this very bad time. My heart goes out to you.
God bless,

Samsons Mom
Samsons Mom 2011-09-25 00:21:44 -0500 Report

Ugh! I hate to hear stories like this! I'm so sorry you had to go through all that! I'm glad you were assertive enough to tell them what you wanted and that you were bound and determined to get it! I feel for the people that don't know their way around in the healthcare arena. It's hard to believe that a Dr. would cut your pain med by 2/3 when you have a pelvic fracture! I think she needs to think more about her patients comfort zone instead of her own! But, I'm a nurse and we are known for being a patient advocate and not so much about law suits, etc. Simple documentation that you were on pain medication because of your RA and recent pelvic fracture would have sufficed…but, I need to get off my soapbox! I'm glad you didn't have to go to a pain clinic. They are often not covered under insurance and it doesn't sound like it was appropriate for your situation.

jayabee52 2011-09-24 16:45:15 -0500 Report

Howdy Mary
I get a lot of those gifts and comments too, but I have set up my profile settings to send notifications of those to my yahoo inbox. All I need do is go to my yahoo account and login and they are there for me to see and read. If I get something I to which I want to reply I note who sent it and sometimes even copy the message out of my Yahoo inbox and then go to my DC inbox, if they're in my friends list and email them their message and my reply.

If they're not on my friends list, I will invite them to be friends and then will post their message and my reply on THEIR wall.

I prefer to use the email system on DC so the message and reply does not get lost but I have to work with the system as it is.

Samsons Mom
Samsons Mom 2011-09-25 00:24:54 -0500 Report

Interesting. I got messages about badges and things in my Yahoo inbox, too. It's kind of like Facebook. It tells me when I get a message. I like how you do it. I think I will try that next time. Good idea. I didn't realize I had my profile set up that way, but I'm glad it is!

MEGriff1950 2011-09-24 16:52:51 -0500 Report

Thank you James for that advice. Hotmail is my main email and using my yahoo is a great idea, they would be presorted for me already.

besther414 2011-09-24 13:37:19 -0500 Report

I agree with you Megriff, it is hard to track down comments and gifts that others leave you. I wish there was an easeri way.

grandmaducky 2011-09-24 12:18:25 -0500 Report

i do like getting and giving stuff but i agree it clutters up and i can't find anything wish it was different :)

PastorBob 2011-09-24 12:13:11 -0500 Report

I agree Mary. I do enjoy giving and getting this little surprises, it means someone is thinking of you and sometimes it's very needed, but I too have had a hard time finding, often giving up, the item that was sent. I'm really surprised that there's no way for us to simply find them in our inbox or some such thing. I have a great time will see ya when you get back:).

dietcherry 2011-09-24 11:37:48 -0500 Report

Youre entitled to your feelings. It is difficult to find a gift and/or comment when so many others are being sent at the same time. Im guilty of it on Holidays and if I havent said hello to anyone in a long time but I try not to do it too often and certainly not every day! I think you make excellent points however I dont know how well it will go over! lol

MEGriff1950 2011-09-24 11:44:21 -0500 Report

I do tend to speak my mind quite often. For some the good news is that I will be leaving on Tuesday and will be gone a month. During this time I will have very little access to the internet.
I do not mind if anyone disagrees with my statements. I respect them for stating their opinions also. The difference might give others ideas for thought.

dietcherry 2011-09-24 12:07:04 -0500 Report

Enjoy your time away but if you do get a chance to check in with us, please do!
Im pretty sure there are others here who agree with you-youre not the first Ive seen mention it :)

robbins7eggs 2011-09-24 13:05:33 -0500 Report