Sleep and Eating...not a good combination

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Ok. So I have this problem and I'm thinking that I may not be the only one with this issue. I get up several times during the night, not fully awake, and I eat. Basically whatever is in the fridge or cupboards. Last night I got up, went to my kitchen, got something to eat and brought it to my bedroom. Needless to say I woke several hours later with pasta salad in my bed (its ok-you can chuckle). I've been doing some research and its a real condition. NES (Night Eating Syndrome) causes people to eat during the night, often consuming excess calories which in turn causes weight gain and puts a person at risk for type 2 Diabetes. I put a stop sign on my fridge to deter me. That didn't work. Next step will be a padlock. Does anyone else have this problem? And if so, how are you dealing with it? Thanks for listening.

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